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AntiquePurveyor has spent most of 2015 developing a new website which intends to catalog a good portion of the high end traditional furniture market with useful filters like size restrictions, genre, shape and other design elements. It features a few unique filters which will highlight items that are available with custom finishes, COM fabrics, origin, materials and product features.  Furniturefish is a website intended for designers and architects, but it can also be enjoyed by DYI homeowners as well. Browse thousands of items all of which are available through a proven fulfillment system.  This new filtered database will help you find the right furniture for your space with less work, less noise and with less questions. It was designed to offer designers generous choices based on personal needs.

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Mouse over zoom for spectacular detailed veiwing

Mouse over zoom feature on desktop PC's for remarkable detail.

Mouse over zoom feature on desktop PC’s for remarkable detail.

AntiquePurveyor has always offered viewers a positive browsing experience and this new site takes that effort to a new level. No other furniture site offers this type of filtered shopping experience and the rich photography makes shopping more fun than ever before.

Furniturefish is not a store (yet), it is a shopping tool. Designers can register at FurnitureFish and generate PDF files to present their sales ideas.  PDF files can be created with personal uploaded logos so if they want to hide the furniturefish name, they have that ability.  The other option is to just share the lookbook directly with your client via email.  Users can also make multiple lookbooks for different clients or for different design ideas within the same project and save them in different folders. Lookbooks can be shared and specific items can have notes so when you share ideas you can share your product specific comments as well.

The new database driven website is not 100% complete, and it is not being marketed just yet, but it is in working order and it is available for anyone who wants to try it. It is super simple to get started, just register with a username and email and you are ready to use the site’s features.  For now the only prices published on this new site are MSRP.  True pricing will be 25% off MSRP.


Here is a sample PDF file generated by FurnitureFish. This PDF was generated with an uploaded AntiquePurveyor logo. The FurnitureFish name is not displayed on PDF files so designers can share ideas without the fear of their clients bypassing them and loosing commissions.

Here is a sample PDF file generated by FurnitureFish.


You can share a lookbook via email as well, which will give you an opportunity to leave a breif message to your client

You can share a lookbook via email as well, which will give you an opportunity to leave a breif message to your client shown in yellow highlight above. Product specific comments are shown below the item.


Here is what a filtered resuts page looks like

Here is what a filtered resuts page looks like

Whats the Status of my Order?

The number one question we get from clients is “What’s the status of my order”?  Today we unveil a proprietary fulfillment system designed just for you, our client.  We feel you’ll appreciate its features.

View each of the three screen shots below to learn more about tracking the “Status” of your order.

Please click and view page 1, 2 and 3



Here is another example of how we prepare your order for shipping.  Small touch ups are done on-site before shipping


Fixing Scratches on Furniture – Lacquer Systems

Fixing scratches on furniture is something a homeowner can do on there own which is why lacquer is our preferred finish for furniture, especially table tops.  There are a few reasons we like Nitro Cellulose over other finishes, but the main reason is its forgiveness. It is a friendly finish for homeowners, manufacturers, dealers and repair shops. It is easier to fix problems like scratches and blemishes on lacquer systems versus polyurethane or water based systems.  It is also easy to buff out to a shine. I like Nitro Cellulose for the following main reasons. Continue reading

Furniture Reviews, Grades and Score Cards – Part 1

In our terms and conditions we cover furniture reviews, codes and grades for the different product we sell online.  AP offers a wide range of high end mahogany dining furniture with very different price points.  This grading system is meant to differentiate products on our site according to a few variables which we will explain below.

Continue reading

Is Branded or Non-Branded Furniture more ideal for your tastes?

A brand-name furniture shopper typically wants the easy, risk-free buying process, with a high standard of quality and control, and are willing to pay a significant price for just their piece of mind. They appreciate taking charge, creating a self-image, and desire negligible risk with the transaction.

The non-branded furniture shopper typically has different character traits. They spend time researching, comparing close attention to price points, reviews and quality, and will pursue acceptable risks for being frugal and not paying more than they feel they should for their own piece of mind. In their opinion, risks bring rewards. Continue reading

What you don’t know about Free Shipping Campaigns

My Dad always told me, there is no such thing as free. He was right. Shipping furniture is no different. In the furniture industry, you’ll see furniture with free shipping advertised as package deals, but I assure you, someone paid for the shipping because it is never free. I can also promise you the vendor or seller is not absorbing the shipping cost. The cost of shipping is buried somewhere into the cost of the product which you have paid into. Shipping furniture can’t be free as it takes a fair amount of time to do it right with hidden costs in fuel, labor, packing materials, storing, etc.

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Furniture Shopping for Quality Over Price

When shopping for quality over price, the hope it to buy something once with a satisfactory experience and avoid ever having to repeat purchase or purchase again from a lesser quality establishment. We all have heard of lemon cars or even bought the bargain kitchen appliance that broke after 2 uses. Its also like approaching a busy intersection where each corner has a gas station, you know most often the price is going to be matched the majority of the time, so you would then resort to looking at the cleanest station, the short or fast lines, the convenient store size, or which gas station attendants let customers use their bathroom.  Maybe one station has great coffee and pastries available or a deal on a car wash with your gas purchase. In this situation, folks will choose a more quality brand or establishment they trust over just the low sticker price.  We know our furniture clients think the same way.

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