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Mahogany Chippendale Dining Chairs for Formal Dining Room-Open Back

Item# DR AC 486566

Coordinates with Matching Upholstered Back Chippendale Chairs

Mahogany Chippendale Dining Chairs for  Formal Dining Room-Open Back
Matching upholstered back chairs
Upholstered back chairs are available to match these chairs
Chippendale dining chairs around custom dining table
Chairs shown on custom table project in New York
Mahogany  Chippendale Chairs
Traditional elegant Chippendale chairs
Item#:  DR AC 486566
Arm Chair Price: $595  | Side Chair Price: $520
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Description: Elegant and finely designed Chippendale dining room chairs with open splats.  This is a high end solid mahogany dining chair built for higher end homes. It is a designer chair with less carvings than the average Chippendale chair.  This chair is a very special chair.   It is a fine, designer chair for a formal living space.  The chairs are made from dense solid mahogany material. You will feel the quality of this chair as soon as you pick one up. The chair is heavy, dense and made from the best materials money can buy.  
This chair may need to be adjusted over time, because it is not as forgiving as larger scale chairs, but it is worth your time.  As this chair ages over time, I suspect you will get more than average movement in the splats and the chair is more likely to develop hair line cracks. They are brand new chairs, and in my opnion they are well worth some time and if they need to be maintained a few times while they age and settle down in your home it is well worth it. There is no better looking Chippendale chair on the market in my opnion. The fact that you can coordinate this chair with an upholstered back version of the same model makes it even better.  
I personaly sat in these chairs and had the chance to inspect about 15 chairs at a busy location  to see where the chair is likely to move or crack. I did find a few imperfect chairs which  aged over time, and even with hairline cracks, I couldnt get the finely carved mahogany splats to move.  The best way to describe the mahogany splats is by comparing them to ceramic.  You can tell these chairs are tough as nails even though they look so elegant.   We thought long and hard about bringing this chairs to market because it a bit more sophisticated than our average chair.  I fully endorse this chair even at there stiff price points.  Beyond a reasonable dougt, this is a chair I would put in my own home even if I had to maintain them once or twice while they aged in my home.  Heirloom quality chairs for sure.
These chairs are a regular stocking item in the CW fabric, which is an off white fabirc. 
Measurements: arm W 25 x D 24 x H 39
side W 21¼ x D 23 x H 38
Condition: new
Arm Chair Price: $595
Side Chair Price: $520
Lead Time: - In-Stock
DR AC 486566
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