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Extra Large Dining Room Tables, Designed by

Item# WZ KD 12 20

Luxury Dining Room Furniture Design for Extra Large Dining Space

Copyrighted luxury furniture and designer dining tables by
King Demure extra large dining room table, copyrighted design by
The four columns on the center pedestal make this one of the sturdiest tables.
Mahogany dining room sets look rich in dim lighting
Corner details and pedestal details under dim to moderate light
Oversized, extra large dining table opened to 22 feet.
Extra large dining room table fully extended in bright light
Dim lighting will make a tables finish look richer, this is a brown mahogany finish
This is the same picture as shown on top of the ad, but with dim lighting. Lighting is important
Bright light in a dining room will make everything look more colorful and gold leaf accents pop
Table and upholstered dining chairs shown in bright daylight
Custom mahogany dining room set
Make a matching mahogany dining room set with the KD chairs
Gold leaf accented pedestal from the King Demure collection
Gold leaf accented collar and medallion
Mahogany dining room set with upholstered dining chairs.
Arm chairs and side chairs are available to make a mahogany dining room set
King Demure extra large dining table shown with gold leaf accents
There will be some spaces in between the leaves, this is to ensure a proper fit on the face
Make a mahogany dining set within the King Demure collection
Gold leaf accented pedestals and matching arm chair
King Demure dining table with matching upholstered arm chair.
King Demure upholstered arm chair shown at head of table.
Mahogany dining room set with gold leaf accents
Gold leaf accented pedestals and apron
Extra large Gold leaf accented dining table by
The King Demure dining table was designed to accept gold leaf accents
Solid mahogany medallion
Medallion detail on pedestal
Solid mahogany edging and custom routered profile
Edging detail
Feathering mahogany makes it much less likely to crack over time
Solid feathered mahogany foot details from underside
Bird's eye view of the King Demure extra large dining table
Birds eye view of an oversized dining table with swirl mahogany field
Brown mahogany finished dining table, corner details
Dark lighting will impact the overall color of the table as shown here.
Transitional paw foot design dining table by
Transitional paw foot design works well with antique style furniture
Extra large mahogany dining table shown fully extended to 22 feet.
High end dining room table fully extended to 22 feet.
Solid mahogany foot details on the Extra large dining table in King Demure collection
Routered details on foot match the KD uphostered dining chairs.
Extra large dining room tables by
With all extensions, this extra large dining room table will open to 22 feet
King Demure corner details
Corner details
Solid mahogany edging and custom routered profile
Edging profile details
Custom medallion design on the King demure pedestal
Custom designed medallion on the King Demure dining table
Subtle satinwood banding coordinates nicely with antique furniture
Swirl mahogany field with satinwood and rosewood banding
Mahogany dining table with custom bullnose edging and carved apron
Corner details with hand carved apron and custom bullnose edging
Leather upholstered custom dining chairs in solid mahogany
Leather upholstered dining chairs with brass nails coordinates nicely for a masculine look
Glossy finishes on mahogany dining tables will show more character than mat finishes
Our glossy finish is razor thin but catches light nicely
Custom red mahogany finish on a high end dining tables will be darker than our brown finish
Red mahogany finish will be darker than the brown mahogany finish and shows more red tones.
Custom banded King Demure dining table with rosewood, mahogany and satinwood
Inlaid mahogany dining table with rosewood, straight grain mahogany and satinwood
Leather upholstered dining chairs shown alongside a custom dining table
King Demure dining table with matching chairs upholstered in leather
Mahogany dining room set with leather upholstered dining chairs
Matching designer dining chairs can be upholstered in leather
Designer dining table with modern paw foot design and reeded collars
Modern paw foot design for those who like a transitional regency style.
Designer dining tables by
Double columns on this table make it the sturdiest table in its class.
Luxury dining room furniture and mahogany dining room sets by
Make a mahogany dining room set with this table by adding the matching KD chairs.
Red mahogany finished extra large dining room tables by
King Demure extra large mahogany dining room table shown in red mahogany finish
Custom dining tables available in red or brown mahogany, red shown here.
If you want a mahogany dining room set with more red, we can custom order this table in a red finish
Corner details of a solid mahogany carved apron
Custom dining tables like this KD table are photographed for approval by factory
High end dining tables by
Factory picture of the KD table with no finish
Solid mahogany trim details along the King Demure table
Corner details of table top before Veneers are laid down.
High end dining table prototype pictured for our approval
Pedestal prototype with one foot finished and the other foot shown before carving
Mahogany dining table collar details pictured in Indonesia
Designer dining tables are built to specs and pictured at the factory for our approval.
Solid mahogany pedestal pictured at the factory in Indonesia
High end dining table components being manufactured in Indonesia with solid mahogany material
Luxury dining room furniture components for King Demure collection.
Pedestal collar and custom foot built and pictured for our approval during manufacturing.
Solid mahogany dining table foot, hand carved prototype
This foot was the final design for the King Demure dining table.
AntiquePurveyors King Demure dining table shown with a custom ebony finish
The King Demure design was intended for both traditional and transitional designed dining areas
The King Demure collection can be finished with ebony for a modern or transitional dining space
Ebony rendering with saber foot, modern designer table for the transitional dining space
Mahogany dining room table; pedestal foot rendering
This rendering was the final design for this table's pedestal
extra large mahogany dining table, designed and rendered in 3D
Rendering of table face. Straight grain, rosewood,satinwood and heavily figured crotch mahogany
Finish samples
Three standard finishes shown here
extra large mahogany dining table
Extra large mahogany dining table in client home
Large mahogany dining table
Shown in our natural standard finish
Extra large and wide mahogany dining room table
Extra large and wide mahogany dining room table
Custom dining room tables by AntiquePurveyor will feature handpicked mahogany veneers.
High end dining tables will be Veneered with quality handpicked Veneers as shown in this picture
Extra large mahogany dining tables require quality Veneer and these Veneers are handpicked
The flame mahogany used on this designer dining table is hand picked by AP
Designer dining tables by AntiquePurveyor will have less tannins and less cracks
AP handpicks Veneers. Cracks and unusualy dark tannins should be avoided.
Item#:  WZ KD 12 20
Price: $25,000
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Description: Mahogany dining table designed for an extra large dining room. Copyrighted design by This design is also available in a "lite" version which is much smaller and sells for less money.  Search 'KD Lite' in the search field to find that table or look on the right margin under related products.  This high end mahogany dining table can be used from 10 feet to 22 feet in 3 foot increments.  All extra large dining room tables should be designed for sturdiness in any configuration, and this table is very sturdy.  There is no play, shake or twist in this table even in its largest configuration.  The mahogany pedestal bases have a wide foot print and holds the table rock solid.  All of our designer dining tables are manufactured with mahogany solids whereever possible. Aside from the table's face, this table is solid mahogany. The face of the table is a composite with fancier crotch mahogany Veneers.  If it was possible to press fancy Veneers on solids, we would (to read more about why table tops are not solid mahogany, please read our FAQ's).  The solid mahogany columns are feathered to decrease the chances of splitting and cracking. The apron, columns and feet are also solid mahogany.  If you look carefully at some of the pictures in this ad, you will see mahogany feathering and the purpose of this table design was not only to offer our clients a great looking table, but also to bring you as much quality as we can.  Antiquepurveyor never cuts corners with manufacturing, this is a high end dining room table fit for a king.  Every detail of this table was designed to make a statement in your home without being overy flamboyant. Demure is a French term for modest and this is a large modest design.    There is a modern element to this mahogany dining table even though the table has an early American paw foot regency style pedestal.   Please keep in mind, we offer a saber foot to make it look even more modern. The apron which runs around the table has a routered profile to catch glaze and add character and depth to the overall appearance.  Gold leaf options are available (additional charge) on this table and we kept that in mind when designing the table.  Some of the pictures of this mahogany dining table are 3D computer renderings from the design process, but most of the pictures were taken in our studio.  Designer dining tables like this are usually copyrighted so you will only find it available from the source. Every detail of this table is done by skilled artisens by hand, no lasers or C&C routers are used. These are made one at a time.  Available in a brown mahogany finish (shown above) and a red mahogany finish which is a shade redder and darker.  More custom dining tables and luxury dining room furniture is available online, so browse our inventory and let us help your next big purchase.  Make a mahogany dining room set with the matching King Demure chairs.
Measurements: 12 foot dining table, 16 foot dining table or 20 foot dining table. Many configurations make this our most versatile table. 54 wide table
Condition: New
Price: $25,000
Lead Time: - 2-4 Weeks
WZ KD 12 20
Phone: (877) 936-2464
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