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Order # : 2108

Product Info
Condition Report
AP Order #2108
Item CategoryTable
Are you sending or receiving this item today?Sending
Item number or nick nameEz modem
Is this item shipping via freight?No
Check List for Tables
Score the following areas of the items condition from 1-5 with 5 being the best. If any of the following condition reports score 1 or 2, the items flaw needs to be disclosed to client before shipping
Under finish imperfections (sand throughs, manufactruing, human error, not damage)4 Flaw noticeable at only one angle of light
Table Top Surface Condition. (Scratches, dings, marks from handling)4 flaw noticebale at only one angle or during close imspection
Condition Check List
There are no visible white-wood marks from dings, cracks or damage on table top, pedestals or apron.
Table was tested for threaded hardware issues and hole allignment, Table was fully assembled.
Screw or hardware are clearly marked and easy to find for the next time they are needed.
Outswept legs and uprights have tight seams
Inspect all of the solids for cracks, dings or splits?
Lift kit check
Check List for Chairs
Upholstery is clean
Chair frames, crests, seat rails and legs was checked for hairline cracks or dings
Chairs were level tested and they fall within our standards as described in terms and conditions.
All Case Goods Check List
Assembled, test fitted
Drawer handles are tight
Doors are tight and open and close properly
Drawer test
keys work
Shelf pins
Veneer edges on plynth style bases are protected with paper so blankets dont catch edges
hardware is attached and easy to find for delivery folks on location
Shleves are packed and not left behind
File hangers; check screws and harddware, count hangers
Check List for China Cabinets
Check List for Desks
leather inspect
file hardware is in place
Privacy panel fits properly
Condition Pics & Notes
Note 1 Fully inspected
Image 1
Drawing 1
Note 2Base with hardware, has been attached
Image 2
Drawing 2
Note 3Hardware test fitted
Image 3
Drawing 3
Note 4Slight imperfection on toe
Image 4
Drawing 4
Table Packing (for sending full service)
Pedestal legs should have 4-6 inches of padding on each outswept leg. Show pedestal packing here
If this table has a sensitive edging, or an apron with detailed carvings, it must have 2-3" of extra packing. Show edging or apron protection,
Table tops and leaves should get paper pads or dolphin, 1" of protection (moving pads or Styrofoam) and cardboard skin. Show finisihed packing.
China Packing (sending)
Corners (both top and bottom pieces) should have ample and excessive protection. Any petruding woodwork needs to be well protected. Show corner packing with picture
Glass shelves should be packed separately but included in the shipment. Picture everything together in a pile before loading into the truck. Glass windows should get double padded with blankets and skinned with cardboard.
Pallet Packing (for sending)
Picture how the item was packed inside the boxes
Picture the finisihed pallet, make sure weight,DIMS, notices, commerical invoices and fragile warnings are visible
Packing is tight enough to move as one unit, everything is snug enough to be pushed around the back of a truck
There ample space, within the boxes, so that some air and wiggle room is available as the product rides and bounces
Put some air ride bubble wrap on bottom of pallet
For international orders, including Canada, commerical invoices show origin and are attached on the driver's paperwork and in pouches on the pallet
Note that explains how to report noted damage is clearly marked on the pallet for customer to see.
Weight and DIMS is printed out and taped on the original paperwork
Please specify the name of the shipper here
By signing below, both parties agree to this items condition report.
AP EmployeeEric Popso
AP Signature
Driver's nameMax
Driver's Signature
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