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Instructions / Assembly Assembly Instructions for 10 Foot Extra Large China
 Posted By: Donald Timpanaro
 Posted On: Sep 14 2010 11:17AM
Installing a sectional 10 foot china cabinet is not a typical install. It is important that you follow these instructions to ensure a correct installation. Failure to assemble cabinet correctly can cause damage to door frames and locking hardware.

You will need the following tools and hardware to properly  install this sectional mahogany china cabinet.
1) A level
2) Two flat head screw drivers, the shorter handles will be easier to work with.  Non electric type is preferred.
3) A handful of shims
4) Small tap-hammer or rubber mallet

Step 1
Put largest section of china cabinet hutch in proper location leaving about 1 inch of space from the wall.  Level cabinet from left to right, and front to back.  Use shims to properly level this cabinet and make sure each foot has support and that there are no gaps between any foot and the floor.

Step 2
Bring large glass cabinet on top of large base cabinet being careful you do not damage trim. When placing glass cabinet on top of base cabinet, approach the base from the rear using the one inch space from wall. Than slide glass cabinet forward, to meet trim flush.

Step 3
Bring left and right bottom sections of china cabinet to their proper spot and level front to back and left to right.  Use shims to properly level these  sections and make sure each foot has support and that there are no gaps between any foot and the floor. Do not use any  hardware yet.

Step 4
Identify the two different size fasteners. Some are long and some are short.  The shorter hardware will be used to fasten cabinet where there are recessed edges (towards the front of the cabinet on left and right sides).

See the below picture where we show the two size fasteners and the recessed edge where you will use the smaller size hardware.

12 small fasteners16 large fasterns and key

Large and small hardware shown above

Front edge on left and right glass cases have recessed frames and get the smaller size hardware.

Step 4
Assemble bottom hutch pieces.
Loosley fasten left and right bottom cabinet bases to main center cabinet using the correct size hardware.

Step 5
Place left and right glass hutches on top of cabinet, again being careful not to damage trim.

Step 6
Loosely fit all pre drilled holes with proper hardware. These fittings will fit if the cabinet was leveled properly. You may have to wrestle with the two sections to get fasteners to fit and/or use tap hammer to help get hardware into place.   Cabinet was fully assembled and tested before shipping so you can be certain they will fit.  Once you have all fittings in place and hand tightened, go back and tighten them until snug with the two flat head screw drivers. Do not over tighten.

Step 7
Place finial on top of cabinet, Install glass shelves in glass case and wooden shelves in bottom of cabinet.
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