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Instructions / Assembly Assembly Instructions for a Three or Four Leg Duncan Phyfe Pedestal
 Posted By: Donald Timpanaro
 Posted On: Apr 27 2011 3:33PM

Assembly Instructions for a Duncan Phyfe Pedestal

Note: The following directions may apply to  both  three  & four  leg  variety.

REQUIRED for assembly:
1. Wood glue or “Elmer's Brand” yellow glue
2. Phillips   #2 tip (standard size) along with either a power screw driver or battery operated screw gun

CAREFULLY  unpack  all components:

INCLUDED hardware for assembly:
1 small wrench (Pic N and O)
1 ½  inch screws (Bottom right corner of pic O)
Nuts, lock washers, & washers ( Picture N and O)
Short Pan Head Screws (Picture N)
Personalized instruction sheet with photos

Let’s Begin!


A work station or flat surface is highly recommended.

Step 1 Fasten Square plate to Pedestal Post.

Take the square wood plate & take notice of  a black line.  Now, Pick up the pedestal post. There is also a black line. Look at photos A,B and C for reference.  Aline the two lines - then simply attach with the 1 ½ screws.

Step 2 Attach Legs

See pictures F,G,H and I. Apply wood glue on lone leg dowel and fasten leg to pedestal post with a washer, lock washer and nut. Tighten until snug.  Repeat this for all legs. Do not over tighten.

Step 3 Attach Metal Plate Under Column.

See pictures J,K and L. Locate the metal black plate and center it under the pedestal.   Start screwing this plate in at the three points pictured in photo L, than work the tabs out and screws those in as well.   Once this is complete- You’re all done! Congratulations.


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