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Instructions / Assembly King Demure Assembly Instructions
 Posted By: Donald Timpanaro
 Posted On: Nov 29 2012 8:58AM
 King Demure Assembly Instructions

These instructions are very important to a successful installation. Failure to follow these instructions precisely will result in damage. 

Note, Floor needs to be level

Tools needed

-2 people, flash light, extra long #2 driver bit (included), electric screw driver

STEP 1 Open, Inspect and Identify parts

Open all component boxes and check for damage or imperfections, compare to condition report on waybill. Identify table sections and leaves. Table sections have mounting plates on the back side and the leaves do not. These cannot be confused with each other otherwise screws will come through the table top when installing.

STEP 2 Set up 3 Sections

Center the large pedestal in the center of the room, you will not be able to center the table after installation so find the room's true center.  Place the largest table section (which has a mounting plate on the back) on the largest pedestal.  Align the pedestal plate to the plate on the underside of the table but DO NOT SCREW ANYTHING INTO PLACE YET.

Have one person place one of the ends of the table onto one the smaller pedestals and hold in place while another person screws the pedestal mounting plate to the table plate with 1.5" screws. It will take two people to do this so the table section does not tip and fall.

After this second step is done, you should have three table sections standing in the room. Two are fastened to the pedestals and the large center section is floating. Bring these table sections together so the table looks complete.  Secure locks on the underside of table sections to be sure table is together snug.

STEP 3 Install Table Slides

On the underside of the table you will see round colored stickers.  Locate the corresponding color stickers on the metal slides.  Have one person hold the slide up against the underside of the table with the same color dot, the tabs will align inside the black spray painted outlines. If they do not align to the sprayed outline, open or close the slide so they align properly.  You should be able to see one predrilled hole in each tab when aligned properly.  Using the provided small screws, have the other person screw the slide onto the table into the PREDRILLED HOLES ONLY (usually the center hole on each tab).  This will secure the slides in place, once all the predrilled holes are filled go back and screw into the other 2 holes on each tab catching fresh wood.  In the end, make sure all tabs have 3 screws each!


Now attach the center pedestal to the center section mounting plate with the provided 1.5" screws. At this point all table sections should be attached to their pedestals with screws and the table slides should be attached to the underside of the table with 3 screws in each tab.

STEP 4 Add Leaves

Unlock the all the clasps on the underside of the table.   Using 2 people have each person get on either side of the table (heads of the table) and begin pulling  the table apart.  The slides will fully open and you'll have a 22' long table without the leaves in it.

The underside of each leaf and table section will have a letter and number (ex. 1B,2B,3B,etc..).  Match these numbers up as the leaves go into place (1B-1B,2B-2B,3B-3B,etc..).  BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN PUTTING THE LEAVES IN PLACE AS THEY HAVE LITTLE METAL PINS THAT STICK OUT WHICH CAN DAMAGE THE LACQURE FINISH IF THEY HIT THE TOP OF THE TABLE.

The table can now be snuggly pushed backed together, this will require a person on either side (narrow side) of the table to be sure the pins fit in properly as it comes together. 

Lock everything in with the clasps under the table and enjoy!

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