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Instructions / Assembly Triple Pedestal Model 033 Assembly Instructions
 Posted By: Donald Timpanaro
 Posted On: Apr 11 2012 10:53AM
Assembly Instructions for your Triple Pedestal Dining Table Model 033.
Step 1
Pedestal Assembly.
Please follow the below URL for proper pedestal assembly instructions.
 Please note, all pedestals are assembled and knocked down in our studio before shipping to ensure there are no surprises on location. Parts and hardware have been counted and double checked by our staff. Pedestals are shipped as components to prevent cracking in shipping.
Your model 033 dining table has three pedestals. Two pedestals have 3 legs and one pedestal has four legs. They are labeled A,B and C.
Step 2
Assemble Table Slides
Mount pedestal A,B and C onto the table sections as if they were independent  tables. You can do this best by laying the table sections  face down on a blanket and working from above. We provided you with eight  1 .5" screws  for each pedestal to attach to table sections.   
The four leg pedestal is for the center of the table. The three leg pedestals go on the table’s ends. The black and white diagram below shows a bird’s eye view of proper placement of pedestals. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to put the pedestals in the proper location. We have labeled the pedestals with white stickers A,B and C. We have also labeled the mounting plates with the same letters. 
 Each of the three table sections will stand right side up on there own pedestal. Bring these sections together and lock them into place (round swinging table locks) forming one continuous table (do not use the 24"  leaves yet).
Working  from under the table, align the table slides into their designated spots. It will take three people to do this right. Two people to hold the slides in the right spot and one person to screw them into place. Start this procedure by screwing into the  pre-existing drilled holes first  along  the four sliding mechanisms  labeled (A-H). Once all of the slides are in place and fitted properly in pre-existing drilled holes,  you can finish screwing in the slides. Each slide uses twenty four  .5" screws.

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 Posted By: gail Holtz-
 Posted On: May 7 2012 3:42PM 

I prefer the table to arrive assembled.Can this be arranged?

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