Item# Warehouse
View of building from far end of parking lot.
Ceiling photo shows windows and high lights for client's easy viewing of furniture.
Picture from the back end of warehouse, facing front loading dock and mezzazine on top. Vacant.
A vacant view from inside the warehouse, facing rear of building.
View from office mezzazine before we moved in.
Picture of Donald with youngest daughter, April.
View from office mezzazine, shows chair and table lane, studio lights and studio set.
Eric and Rapheal waving from main warehouse working while order picking
This very important area of warehouse is where we store packing supplies for shipping.
32 foot studio wall and extra tall ceilings, 2 ABC chandeliers and sconces for warm dining pictures.
Studio close up shot which helps us put dining furniture in correct lighting for website pictures.
Front of warehouse with company truck parked in loading area.
Main office in mezzazine has 2 big desks, credenza and decorative accents.
One decorative wall in our office which was inspired by our inspirations web page.
A full view of our chair inventory with warehouse manager on mechanics ladder.
A view of our table lane, which has about 10 bays on the left and 10 bays on the right. 50 tables.
One side of our table lane. We have about 10 bays and each bay holds at least 5 tables.
Example of how we store tables in racks.To show a table we can slide a section out or fully assemble
Chairs are boxed and stacked in a fashion so we can see inventory from a glance.
Item#:  Warehouse
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