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Putting High End Furniture on a Pallet.
This blog talks about how we are able to safely fit your table, its leaves, pedestals, and table slides onto a pallet.  It shows our thought process and the speacial meassures we take to ensure that your table gets to you in great condition. You'll also be able to see a picture of the previously mentioned items on the pallet and ready to go into the truck.
 Posted By: Eric Popso

 1 Post, Last Published On: 15 Oct 2010
Repeat Customers from the Canadian Region
Canadian folks have trusted our online store when buying  furniture online for years. Our online furniture store, has delivered about 20 Canadian jobs since our first day in business  (wish we had been taking pictures all these years, but consider 2009 a good starting point for this blog).  We have shipped numerous mahogany dining tables to this region.  Round, extra large and long dining tables ship to Canada frequently now.
 Posted By: Donald Timpanaro

 2 Post, Last Published On: 17 Dec 2010
Shipping to U.K.
We have done a few jobs to the U.K. area, here you can find our more recent crate and packaging history to this region. All of these goods will have proper commercial invoices which note origin of goods for customs offices. When items are headed into rough seas and busy ports, we go crazy with packaging materials.  We deliver furniture, not headaches and not insurance claims. We can ship furniture virtually anywhere on the planet!
 Posted By: Donald Timpanaro

 1 Post, Last Published On: 27 May 2010
Misc. Crating Jobs Domestic/International Shipping Examples
Here, you can get an inside look at our company packing and fulfillment warehouse. See all sorts of high end furniture be preparing for customers domestically and internationaly.  There is little difference between packing domesticaly or internationaly, but we had to chance to seperate the blogs so you can see the different parts of the world we cover.  Buy furniture online when you know the job will get done correclty, you can save lots of money and get great discount high end furniture if you can be certain of a safe delivery.
 Posted By: Donald Timpanaro

 6 Post, Last Published On: 14 Dec 2010
Shipping Furniture to Canada

This blog shows shipping  furniture, crates and shipping experiences to Canada.

 Posted By: Eric Popso

 1 Post, Last Published On: 15 Mar 2010
Shipping Furniture Domestic via Blanket Wrap Service
If you have ever wondered how to ship furniture? Many of our customers ask us how we ship and it is a hard question to answer in detail, but the short version can be summed up into a few words and a few pictures.  "Thoroughly", there are no short cuts to handling furniture. This blog willl share with you pictures and short stories in the topic of Shipping Furniture
 Posted By: Donald Timpanaro

 4 Post, Last Published On: 15 Oct 2010
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