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This is why casters are never a good idea on a mahogany pedestal table
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Getting Technical
 Posted On:  Jan 19 2010 6:51PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Only recently, after many years of selling mahogany dining tables have we have seen living proof that casters are not a good idea to put under a pedestal table. I never liked the idea and now we have some pictures to show exactly why it is a bad idea. The logic is simple. Duncan Phyfe pedestals are stronger without them. None of our pedestals have wheels, and if we did add wheels to a pedestals they would get done a very specific way to prevent a crack. The following pictures, if you look carefuly, will show how a Duncan Phyfe pedestal will crack if the caster are not installed correctly and you'll see the problem started at the base of the caster insert as it enters the foot.
Duncan Phyfe Pedestal Legs ~ Brass Feet Caps
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Getting Technical
 Posted On:  May 27 2010 6:38AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Instead of casters, we finish the ends of pedestal feet with paw feet details. When ever building upscale furniture, or designing fine furniture, we use high end components. Here, we show two types of Duncan Phyfe pedestal leg caps. The darker color cap is thin, light tin-like material. The bronze color brass paw foot cap is heavy material, solid brass and is a preferred component to our high end solid mahogany pedestal tables. They are expensive components but the end result is better quality and performance. These caps are much more gentle on carpets or wood floors.
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