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Whats inside our tables?  Most of our tables are built exactly as major manufacturers build them. When we find interesting content, as it realtes to the guts and glory of brand name furntiure, we post it here. So, rather than ask a sales person if there tables are solid wood...take a look around this blog and see for yourself whats inside brand name furniture?


Drexel Dining Table
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Brand Name Furniture
 Posted On:  Feb 27 2010 3:11AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Many folks ask us if our tables are solid wood and the answer is no. None of today's mahogany tables are solid wood, unless you looking at completely different style of table not shown on our site. Solid mahogany tables are pretty boring. The first picture shows a lexington solid mahogany table and the second picture shows the truth about whats inside a newer fancier flame mahogany Drexel table. The field on a plain mahogany table is very plain. These types of tables are great for those who want very simple and plain Mary Jane. Solid mahogany tables may also suit those who preceive solid to mean quality. But what if your looking for a banded mahogany dining table or flame mahogany dining table. Solids will not help those folks at all. Just because the inside of these tables are not solid wood, does not make them cheap or poor quality. Most major high end brand name furniture makers build tables the same way. On composites. These products sell in showrooms for lots of ...
Henredon Grand Provenance- Mahogany Dining Table, An Inside Look
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Brand Name Furniture
 Posted On:  May 18 2010 7:55AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
The Henredon Grand Provenance Collection was discontinued quite a few years ago. This line of furniture was extremely expensive and very high end furniture. A very ornate line of dining furniture with marble accents and detailed carvings. We have sold a few of these tables in the past, and recently have obatined one with s amall area of damage. The corner od the table was dinged and this area of damage reveals whats inside a table of this magnitude. This table, even from years ago, was built on MDF just like all of our tables and just like all high end furniture today. I thought I would share this picture with you as to ease your mind when getting overly concerned about MDF inside a table. MDF will keep stable and will not abosorb moisture and/or warp or crack like solid wood. There are good reasons to build mahogany dining tables on MDF versus solid mahogany dining table. You may not be able to see the details of this photo, but it shows MDF inside a Henredon Grand provenan...
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