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Watch our team finish tables as we walk you through each step of the way.  See how a table's finish, comes alive with mahogany and walnut shading, staining, filling and buffing.  Here you'll get a peak at finishing at its core.

Large Regency Table with Three Leaves
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Services & Work Orders
 Posted On:  Feb 22 2010 10:04AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
The first step to getting a great finish on a dining table is to prepare the surface with generous sanding and leveling. Here are some pictures of the components. This is a high end American made dining table by prominet maker. This table has a flame mahogany field with straight grain mahogany and satinwood banded. This is considered a regency or banquet table. It will open to about 13 feet with three leaves. The table has fluting around the skirt and marble size round bead carvings. The round beads are not solid wood and are made from composite material. These details will be finished with real gold leaf. Once you have a level surface and after treating the flame mahogany table with special sealers to prevent movement and moisture from rising to the surface, oil base stains can be applied to the table and wiped off after you achieve the color and richness desired. The heavier molasses material, is filler which gives the table a richer look and h...
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