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CNBC News flash on High End Furniture
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Brand Name Furniture
 Posted On:  Jul 25 2011 1:46PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
In less than two minutes Mike Hegedus succinctly explains the past, present, and future of the high end furniture industry in his Mike on America segment. Fewer high end furniture makers and craftsmen are making furniture in America and this means more manufacturing jobs are going overseas, particularly to Indonesia and the Philippines. The North Carolina workforce has seen a decrease of one third of the manufacturing jobs over the past decade. Indonesian mahogany furniture is highly sought after and all furniture made abroad meets the specific standards of the seller in America, but some people still want that “Made in America” stamp on the underside of their high-end furniture. And who can blame them? We are after all, a proud nation and one that has held the lead in all manufacturing industries since the industrial revolution. This video is set in North Carolina, which is the Furniture capital of the world, but Mike discovers...
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