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Find useful material as it relates to assembling furniture.  Instructions for KD pedestals, two piece tables and sectional china cabinets.  Here we post everything you need to properly install your furniture.
A blog for properly installing your furniture
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Getting Technical
 Posted On:  Feb 27 2010 5:43AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
2PC 84 Round Dining Table ~ Henredon Reproduction
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Getting Technical
 Posted On:  Feb 27 2010 5:44AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
84 Inch Round Dining Table Assembly Instructions For questions or concerns about the install please call Donald @ 201-936-4340 1) Locate ALL hardware first and separate long and short screws. You should have the following hardware 1) 16 short screws (1") 2) 16 long screws (1.5") (Some of thewse screws may already be assembled into pedestal) 3) Cabinet clamps 4) Pedestal 5) One large board with no big holes (Scab) 6) One large board with 4 big holes (Pedestal Top) This may already be attached to pedestal. 2) Lay down CLEAN blankets in dining area. The table will lay face down on these pads so make sure they are super clean. Make sure the combined blankets make at least a 8 foot square and make sure the pads are clean, flat and level. It must be level or next step will n...
Assembly Instructions for 10 Foot Extra Large China
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Getting Technical
 Posted On:  Sep 14 2010 11:17AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Installing a sectional 10 foot china cabinet is not a typical install. It is important that you follow these instructions to ensure a correct installation. Failure to assemble cabinet correctly can cause damage to door frames and locking hardware. You will need the following tools and hardware to properly install this sectional mahogany china cabinet. 1) A level 2) Two flat head screw drivers, the shorter handles will be easier to work with. Non electric type is preferred. 3) A handful of shims 4) Small tap-hammer or rubber mallet Step 1 Put largest section of china cabinet hutch in proper location leaving about 1 inch of space from the wall. Level cabinet from left to right, and front to back. Use shims to properly level this cabinet and make sure each foot has support and that there are no gaps between any foot and the floor. Step 2 Bring large glass cabinet on top of large base cabinet being careful you do not damage trim. When placing ...
Assembling a Mahogany Dining Table base for 72 Round
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Getting Technical
 Posted On:  Dec 15 2010 1:12PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Important Assembly Directions for Attaching Pedestal to 72 Round Dining Table Print these out and have ready at point of delivery Before starting, Locate hardware pouch on side of pedestal mounting plate. This table gets assembled upside down. 1.5 " screws are included. 1) Make sure table top is clean of dust. 2) Place moving pads or clean blankets on the floor. Lay table upside on the blankets. 3) Lay the pedestal upside down on your table and prepare for fastening. 4) When you fast the pedestal to the underside of the table, make sure you apply firm pressure to the mounting plates as pictured below.
Assembly Instructions for a Three or Four Leg Duncan Phyfe Pedestal
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Getting Technical
 Posted On:  Apr 27 2011 3:33PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Assembly Instructions for a Duncan Phyfe Pedestal Note: The following directions may apply to both three & four leg variety. REQUIRED for assembly: 1. Wood glue or “Elmer's Brand” yellow glue 2. Phillips #2 tip (standard size) along with either a power screw driver or battery operated screw gun CAREFULLY unpack all components: INCLUDED hardware for assembly: 1 small wrench (Pic N and O) 1 ½ inch screws (Bottom right corner of pic O) Nuts, lock washers, & washers ( Picture N and O) Short Pan Head Screws (Picture N) Personalized instruction sheet with photos Let’s Begin! A work station or flat surface is highly recommended. Step 1 Fasten Square plate to Pedestal Post. Take the square wood plate & take notice of a black line. Now, Pick up the pedestal post. There is also a black line. Look at photos A,B and C for reference. Aline the two lines - then simply attach with the 1 ½ screws. Step 2 A...
Extra Large Dining Table 200" Duncan Phyfe Dining Room Table Assembly Instructions
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Getting Technical
 Posted On:  Sep 9 2011 11:56AM, 0 Comments Add Comment Presents : “200 inch Sectional Table Assembly Instructions” Often the most important but underappreciated parts of the purchasing process of a high end dining room table is the final construction of the desired table. If you have just purchased your antique mahogany dining table or a newer reproduction furniture, then there may be a chance that you will be responsible for putting it together. Don’t be nervous, there is a great process that AntiquePurveyor has learned over our 10+ years in business. If you follow our easy instructions, than you will be able to build your favorite formal dining room furniture with no problems at all. Step 1. Find a Friend: This may sound easier than you might think, but not everyone has willing and able friends and family. You need at least one other person, preferably two in o...
Triple Pedestal Model 033 Assembly Instructions
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Getting Technical
 Posted On:  Apr 11 2012 10:53AM, 1 Comments Add Comment Assembly Instructions for your Triple Pedestal Dining Table Model 033. Step 1 Pedestal Assembly. Please follow the below URL for proper pedestal assembly instructions. Please note, all pedestals are assembled and knocked down in our studio before shipping to ensure there are no surprises on location. Parts and hardware have been counted and double checked by our staff. Pedestals are shipped as components to prevent cracking in shipping. Your model 033 dining table has three pedestals. Two pedestals have 3 legs and one pedestal has four legs. They are labeled A,B and C. Step 2 Assemble Table Slides Mount pedestal A,B and C onto the table sections as if they were independent tables. You can do this best by laying the table sections face down on a blanket and working from above. We provided you with eight 1 .5"...
King Demure Assembly Instructions
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Getting Technical
 Posted On:  Nov 29 2012 8:58AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
King Demure Assembly Instructions These instructions are very important to a successful installation. Failure to follow these instructions precisely will result in damage. Note, Floor needs to be level Tools needed -2 people, flash light, extra long #2 driver bit (included), electric screw driver STEP 1 Open, Inspect and Identify parts Open all component boxes and check for damage or imperfections, compare to condition report on waybill. Identify table sections and leaves. Table sections have mounting plates on the back side and the leaves do not. These cannot be confused with each other otherwise screws will come through the table top when installing. STEP 2 Set up 3 Sections Center the large pedestal in the center of the room, you will not be able to center the table after installation so find the room's true center. Place the largest table section (which has a mounting plate on the back) on the largest pedestal. Align the pedestal plate to the plate on the underside of th...
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