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This diagram is useful and it defines chair parts
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Getting Technical
 Posted On:  Feb 9 2010 11:28PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Ever have a conversation about a dining chair and struggle with terminology in your discusion. Well, here is a nice picture which shows a dining room chairs anatomy. Some of the most important dining chair parts are the crest rail, ear, front seat rail, side seat rail,slip seat, pierced splat, shoe and knee. You might want to know these names next time you have talks about your mahogany dining room chairs. More importantly, you should also get familiar with the types of upholstery which are available on different model dining room chairs. Some chairs have slip seats and some do not. If you look carefully at the chair from a picture, you should be able to determine whether the dining room chair is upholstered or if it has a slip seat or slip cushion. Slip seats are always very easy to change upholstery. 4 screws on the under side of the chair will remove the slip seat for fabric change. Fully upholstered dining room chairs will look like the picture below. This is de...
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