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Here, you can get an inside look at our company packing and fulfillment warehouse. See all sorts of high end furniture be preparing for customers domestically and internationaly.  There is little difference between packing domesticaly or internationaly, but we had to chance to seperate the blogs so you can see the different parts of the world we cover.  Buy furniture online when you know the job will get done correclty, you can save lots of money and get great discount high end furniture if you can be certain of a safe delivery.
Effective and Good Looking!
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Shipping Furniture
 Posted On:  May 27 2010 7:12AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Sometimes, crating furniture can be very clumbsy. Discount furniture, like cheap Chinese goods may be knocked down into perfectly boxed units and be easy to ship. Howver, when your packing fine furniture, or high end furniture or antique furniture that is not coming from China, it can be awfuly difficult to get a perfect looking crate. But sometimes you do a get a pretty one. Here is a crate, which is mostly styrofoam and triple wall coorugation, on a 60" x 60' pallet which is picture perfect!
High End Furniture / Motor Carrier Style
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Shipping Furniture
 Posted On:  May 27 2010 7:20AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
You can ship just about anything to anywhere in the world once you learn how to cost effectlivey pack and crate. We have shipped durables like ovens for clients and items as fragile as a dozen eggs. Here, this job is a domestic motor carrier job which went to California on a party deadline. Most of the time, a domestic job will require a full service blanket wrap delivery. Party deadlines require more speedy delivery. We can typically get a job to your door step in few days. But, you have to spend some money and time to do it properly. When you pack correctly, even the most pragile furniture will be delivered flawlessly. This picture shows a perfectly boxed mahogany dining room furniture going to California. Heavy white EPS panels are used near the foot of the crate to act as a bumber against heavy fork handling.
Bermuda via SeaLion Shipping
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Shipping Furniture
 Posted On:  Jun 28 2010 6:58AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
A first for our online store shipping to Bermuda via clients shipper SeaLion Shipping. This client visited our store and purchased a mahogany dining table and high end upholstered dining chairs. Table was packed with 1" EPS and corrugation and chairs were corrugated and placed into heavy commercial bins. Triple corrugated chair bins were strapped to a pallet and strapped down. Extra coorugation and stytrofoam was also applied to the outside of the bins as they are shrink wrapped and tied down onto the pallet.
Shipping Any Further Than This Would be Called a Return !
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Shipping Furniture
 Posted On:  Aug 6 2010 8:03AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Here is another great example of our crating and shipping capabilities. This client visited our warehouse and entrusted us to ship a high end large round dining table and uphostered dining chairs. High end furniture must be packed and shipped for worse case scenarios. We safeguard furniture for rough handling at third party warehouses, and most importantly we anticipate rough seas and leaky boats! Goods will be protected from every hazard possible. This client originaly wanted a wood crate, but eventually allowed us to ship according to our own standards. Allowing our firm to handle your goods in our own manner will be best for you in the long run. We have found that for every dollar spent on wood and labor to cut crates, is not nearly as effective as styrofoam and triple wall corrugation. Primary Freight Services, INC. Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220 Nelly Herron 310-635-3000 x227 fax 310-608-5700 AUSTORIENT FREIGHT SERVICES www.austorie...
Experience to Australia, Second Shipment
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Shipping Furniture
 Posted On:  Nov 17 2010 7:31AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Occasionaly we get orders for high end furniture from different corners of the world. We are proud to offer our products and services worldwide. Our first job to Australia was a perfect success and this post will show some highlights of our second Australia shipment. And as they say, if it works do not fix it. We use the best container lines and shippers with proven track records in order to land your furniture safely. The above pallet is loaded with mahogany dining room chairs. We pack two per commercial bin and than strap them to pallets. The chairs are well packed before loaded into commercial bins. Mutliple layers of protective tissue and recycled styrofoam are used to protect the chairs from rub marks, scratches and other damage. Here is a picture of the above crate as it gets ready to roll out on a local delivery truck to a port Here is the table crate. Tables are taken down and shipped as two halves. This way, the overall package is more de...
Oklahoma City, OK ~ Christmas Deadline 2010 ~ Antique Mahogany Bedroom via Motor Carrier
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Shipping Furniture
 Posted On:  Dec 14 2010 3:28PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Twin Beds Christmas Deadline Antique Mahogany Bedroom Twin Beds by John Stuart If you have a deadline to meet and the inventory is in stock we can usualy get goods anywhere in the US in just a few days. This motor carrier example shipped to Oklahoma City, OK for a Christmas deadline. This eBay customer wanted the fast method of shipping. Here is a good example how we meet your deadline and how we prepare your high end furniture for a motor carrier delivery. One of a kind antique pieces must be packed with paper pads or the furniture may get rub marks from a bouncey ride. Here the bed siderails are being stacked with paper pads in between. The bedrails are wrapped with paper pads and taped at the seams. The cardboard under these siderails will come around the top and create a tough as nails corrugated box. See next picture. Finished product will be taped with heavy industrial kraft tape. Here the antique headboard is laying in a corrug...
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