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Canadian folks have trusted our online store when buying  furniture online for years. Our online furniture store, has delivered about 20 Canadian jobs since our first day in business  (wish we had been taking pictures all these years, but consider 2009 a good starting point for this blog).  We have shipped numerous mahogany dining tables to this region.  Round, extra large and long dining tables ship to Canada frequently now.
Canada, Here we come Again !
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Shipping Furniture
 Posted On:  May 27 2010 7:58AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Rene, a valued customer from years ago, trade name Annes Antiques, purchased this Henredon Grand Provenance for his home in Canada after selling one years ago at there Antique Store through (God I love when customers come back for more, not for the money but for the thrill of making people happy) This client calls me up from out of the blue, after about 3 years since our first job together. Tell me how much he loved the first Henredon Grand Provenance so much, that he wanted one for his new home under construction. We packed this table and delivered flawlessly. Thanks again Rene. Hopefully he will send us pictures of his new home soon enough so we can add those pictures here as well. When folks give my online furniture a chance to work for them, we appreciate the opportunity!. Below, see the leaves being packed individualy and finally added to top of table crate Shown above; see a group of 10 ma...
Christmas Deadline 2010 Canada 13 Solid Mahogany Fireside Chairs
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Shipping Furniture
 Posted On:  Dec 17 2010 4:34PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
This time of year can be exciting at times. This post talks about a returning Canadian client who wanted to meet a Christmas deadline on this order for 13 High end gold leaf accented solid mahogany fireside chairs to match his previously purchased table. We are very thankful for returning customers and we work overtime to make little miracles happen. 24 hour all-around the clock shifts made this possible in 5 days. That includes adding the gold leaf and packaging. 13 Fireside Chairs Custom Ordered by returning customer to be used as banquet table chairs in a wide comfortable setting. These chairs were gold leaf accented in our studio to match clients mahogany dining table. Chairs are wrapped with ply paper moving pads which are quite expensive but can prevent rubbing from truck bounce. This is very soft ply paper which can be seen up close on our shipping page. Than, a double layer of corrugation will wrap snugly around the chair an...
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