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Figured Mahogany & Cathedral Mahogany Veneer
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Mahogany Veneers
 Posted On:  Feb 18 2010 12:55PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
It is that time of year for our store to shop for Veneers as we prepare for next fall season and here are some of the Veneers that you will soon see on our dining table and casegood faces. The simple Veneer shown below is cathedral mahogany and the fancier mahogany is called figured or quarter cut rope figured mahogany. Today's market has been calling for more and more of these simple Veneers as the crowd moves away from the fancy cratch mahogany tables. You will see more and more of these simple Veneer patterns on our next fall seasonal offering. Most of these Veneers, as simple as they look, are very hard to find. Our factory has traveled to Europe to find a reputable source of these simpole but classy traditional Veneers. We will be trying some of the figured mahogany as edging instead of the yellowish satinwood. We offer a large variety of mahogany fields and bandings, but to keep things simple, you should ask for either yellow satinwood, or mahogany bandings. Cathed...
Selecting Veneers for Fine Mahogany Dining Tables
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Mahogany Veneers
 Posted On:  Jun 9 2011 2:07PM, 1 Comments Add Comment
Visited a Veneer plant recently in Europe in pursuit of exceptional Veneers for existing collections and for our new King Demure collection. It was a very interesting trip and I finally had a chance to see how a log is sliced into beuatiful panels of Veneer. There are many fun parts of this business but selecting Veneers is definately in the top 10 most favorite chores. Designing and manufacturing a fine mahogany dining table starts with the Veneer panels in many ways. There are a few things we look for when selecting our Veneers for table tops and selecting Veneers for case goods is quite different from shopping for table top wood. Even color, richness, even and symetrical patterns, size, quanity available all play a part in selecting Veneers for our mahogany furniture. In general, all partners agree, we come home with about 2-5% of the inventory we review while on such a road trip. It can take a very long time to sort out Veneers into C,B,A and AA grades. Below are some...
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