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This blog shows shipping  furniture, crates and shipping experiences to Canada.

Shipping Furniture to Ontario, 60 Round Dining Table
 Posted By:  Eric Popso  | Posted In:  Shipping Furniture
 Posted On:  Mar 15 2010 4:23PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Here are some great pictures of a 60 inch Victorian Round table, going to Canada, getting packed up on a pallet. We start by building an extra large pallet to make sure no part of the table is hanging out able to be damaged. We then cover the pallet with cardboard, bubble wrap and Styrofoam. This creates an "air ride", protecting the bottom of the table against pot-holes and bumps that rock the truck. Next we lay pieces of cardboard down hanging off the pallet before the box with the table even goes on the pallet. This allows us to fold the cardboard pieces up around the side of the table as we stuff in even more Styrofoam, protecting the sides. Every piece (Table, Pedestals, leaves) that is stacked on the pallet is separated with layers of cardboard and Styrofoam preventing any dings, scratches or damages. We then use a tightening black strap that secures everything to the pallet, again using Styrofoam and cardboard between the product and the strap to be sure the tight blac...
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