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We have done a few jobs to the U.K. area, here you can find our more recent crate and packaging history to this region. All of these goods will have proper commercial invoices which note origin of goods for customs offices. When items are headed into rough seas and busy ports, we go crazy with packaging materials.  We deliver furniture, not headaches and not insurance claims. We can ship furniture virtually anywhere on the planet!
U.K. or Bust!
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Shipping Furniture
 Posted On:  May 27 2010 7:30AM, 0 Comments Add Comment
Here is a extra large, oversized perimeter round dining room table with leaves headed to the U.K. This table was a special order table that a client purchased while in the states. Client met with our team and was imporessed with our quality control and organzied warehouse. Bottom line, she gave us a shot. We delivered flawlessly, with our own continaer lines, this walnut perimeter table all the way to the U.K. In shipping, no news is good news. This client got done with no headaches.
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