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Colors of Mahogany
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Getting Technical
 Posted On:  Feb 9 2010 11:02PM, 0 Comments Add Comment
We have spent many years splitting hairs on this topic. Many hours mixing dyes and pigments, and than comparing samples to one another and to furniture in general. The partners here have done the craziest things in order to achieve the perfect mahogany color for the mahogany dining room tables and chairs collection you see on this site. This site salvaged many perfectly good dressers and junked them into pieces just to send them oversees for the prefect color. But, rather than boring you with all that, lets get down to the perfect shades of mahogany as they pertain to our furniture online and how they will fit in your home's decor. We separate mahogany furniture finishes into 2 major color categories. Red Mahogany No Red Walnut Now that is what I call simple! Our mahogany color has very little red and the red color pigments are not really visible because they are drained or diluted with yellows and browns...
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