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There will be times when you want a piece of furniture for your home or office and the color does not work.  I see this often when coordinating chairs with tables.  Sometimes traditional furniture can be easy to tone and coordinate because most all mahogany furniture has tones of yellow and red.  Colors of mahogany are genreally red ,brown and yellow.  All of these mahogany varieties can be toned to work with each other and some variance is actually nice in a room.  Occasionaly, however, you come across tones of green as in walnut finishes and some oak finishes.  These are difficult to tone into mahogany but it can be done.  This blog inends to share our experiences as they pertain to coloring and toning tradiiotnal mahogany furniture. 
Italian Provincial chairs toned to coordinate with mahogany dining room table
 Posted By:  Donald Timpanaro  | Posted In:  Services & Work Orders
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Here are chairs from an Italian importer which came in much greener and pigmented with white. At first glance, I really didnt' think we were going to have much success toning this chair because green and white pigmented finishes are real tough to make mahogany color. After a few attempts toning with different colors, I found a formula that worked. The picture shown below shows the original dining chair on the left and our mahogany toned dining chair on right. Close up of masking job Another great picture showing true color Here is a picture which summarizes what we did. We coordinated the newly finisihed chair with table (see table leaf on edge behind chair) and pedestal. Intentionaly shading the arms really makes a chair come alive. These little details can make a huge difference. We shade arms, tips of feet, carved areas of chair and corners. This is a technique I learned from watching North Carolina furniture fi...
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