is proud to announce a new collection of round dining room tables designed for any size traditional dining area for any size home. We call this collection, “Custom Fit Classics” and we named each of these tables after traditional style homes.


This collection of dining tables focuses on fitting your traditional space with beautiful round crotch mahogany tables and chairs in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, so we’ve got you covered whether you are furnishing a small dinette or an expansive dining room.  There is little need for a custom table after considering these options.

This collection of table and chairs was designed with our New England client base in mind.  In our 15 years of selling traditional mahogany furniture, we’ve listened to hundreds of client’s feedback while they shop in our studio and have tailored this collection around the most widely accepted veneers, colors and pedestal styles.  This collection boasts classic styles with subdued inlays and top of the line quality.  This furniture doesn’t just look great, it is well engineered and because we are well educated and informed of the manufacturing processes and have an open line of communication with our factory and the owner, we know firsthand what processes have gone into every table and every component. For example, every piece of hardware within this collection if forged in-house and there are no cheap components.  Every screw, each brass caster and all hardware is manufactured in-house.  I traveled across the world with my family to witness these processes and to meet the master mind behind it all.   It was an amazing experience and we are proud to bring this collection to your home.

Crotch mahogany is beautiful and this collection shows it off well.  Crotch mahogany also it is very difficult to work with.  This manufacturer has a proprietary solution which is used to bathe and rinse the tannins and oils from the raw material and after the cleansing process the Veneers are than pressed flat before laying them on table tops.  Crotch mahogany is beautiful, but it is very time consuming to do it correctly.  I only know of a few factories that have proven to process and prepare crotch mahogany correctly and whose product has passed the test of time.