Antique Purveyor's Factory Tour - Chairs

Our furniture factory tour continues with a look at some of the mahogany dining chairs and luxury chairs we build, design and sell to go with our mahogany furniture. You'll find these traditional chairs also match up well with any of our designer furniture.

Most of the chairs displayed on this site are considered to be reproduction furniture even though we occasionally design our own chairs. If you have previously read our About Us page you already know of our eBay background, and that chairs have always been a very important part of our product mix. In fact, whenever we noticed great demand for a particular set of antique chairs at auction, we copied the designs before shipping them to the customer. Accurate measurements were taken and kept on file in case we decided to reproduce the chair. We've worked hard to offer great-looking chairs that will compliment and accentuate our fine mahogany dining tables, along with any other formal dining room furniture you may consider or already own. 
These original Adams style furniture or Sheraton style furniture dining room chairs by Flint and Horner were purchased at an estate sale and sold on eBay many years ago.  This style dining chair continued to draw a lot of attention from our customers and inspired us to develop our own Sheraton style reproduction mahogany shield back dining chairs.  They feature slip seats to keep costs down and allow for easy fabric changes.

 Mahogany dining chairs, drawing of shield back dining chairs to be reproduced     
Above pictures, from left to right, show original Flint and Horner mahogany shield back dining chairs, production drawings, and final mahogany shield back dining chairs.  These Sheraton style mahogany dining chairs are available on our website.
Below from left to right; prototype, solid mahogany chairs awaiting finish and the finished product.

          These heavy American Style 
           Upholstered Dining Chairs 
          are available on our website.

The left photo, below, shows factory masters which are referenced for production. These master components are used for a variety of solid mahogany dining chairs and can even be used when making desks or leg tables.  When an order for chairs arrives at the factory, masters are used so the carvers can keep consistent from lot to lot. 

Pictured below, left, are crests for our most popular style reproduction Chippendale dining chairs. These will also be hand carved. The finished product, a historic fine furniture originaly designed by Thomas Chippendale, is shown at right.




From concept and drawings comes a prototype which is approved or modified.  These prototypes are also a part of the King Demure collection (Mahogany dining chairs).  Notice the 1:1 drawings under the solid mahogany carved foot details.

Prototype details on our King Demure mahogany dining chairs  Mahogany dining chairs, solid mahogany chairs

Foot and leg details for mahogany dining room chairs for King Demure Collection