AntiquePurveyor's Factory Tour - The Facility

A lot of hard work and careful planning goes into producing our fine furniture be it mahogany dining tables, reproduction furniture or even designer furniture. The process also requires some major capital equipment, which we use at our furniture manufacturing plant to produce our mahogany furniture. This page of our furniture factory tour shares pictures of our most important and expensive machinery.

Our most highly prized piece of capital equipment is our hot press. This device allows us to press veneers with a strong, heat sensitive adhesive while ensuring that our tabletops are level. A near perfectly leveled tabletop results in a better finishing process. By comparison, tabletops with high spots and low spots make finishing very difficult and sometimes result in sand troughs or other imperfections.

Just as in most wood shops, you'll see a variety of basic table saws used to produce high end furniture ranging from reproduction furniture to custom designed Indonesia furniture in a modern furniture factory.


Shown below is a hot press. The right photo shows a table top being pressed. A veneer press will be used when building mahogany veneer panels for our mahogany dining furniture. This press is used mostly for tables but is also very helpful in manufacturing case goods and door and drawer panels.


This giant band saw, below, resides under an awning right outside the main manufacturing plant. This is a very loud machine!  Raw material is sent through this machine to make lumber more manageable for the builders. This band saw has a full-time worker sharpening blades throughout the day, five days a week. It is a piece that is vital in production furniture.


After initial cutting from the band saw, the more manageable material is milled further inside the plant.
 has a warehouse and distribution center located in Carlstadt, NJ.  Visitors to our showroom get a first-hand look at the unique, environmentally controlled facility shown in the pictures below.   

Our unique racking system is shown below. This storage configuration protects the quality of our products by minimizing unnecessary handling while maximizing storage space so we can maintain more inventory. 


Below is the chair section of our warehouse. New chairs remain packaged with samples positioned below the racks. 

In the background of the picture below you can see a portion of our photography studio. Here we take digital photos for posting on our website to provide customers a sense of what their furniture would look like in a formal traditional setting. We understand that it can be quite disconcerting to buy furniture online without having seen it in person. For this reason, we have worked very hard to design a lighting system that yields accurate color representation in all of our furniture photos. Our computer monitors are in sync with the lighting system and cameras so you can bid in confidence knowing that the furniture colors depicted are true. This, we believe, is the best way to buy furniture online.

           Our studio is decorated to resemble a traditional dining room for formal settings.