Antique Purveyor's Factory Tour - Upholstery

The fine furniture we produce at Antique Purveyor features superior craftsmanship and designs that deserve to be complimented by high quality upholstery. For our mahogany dining chairs and mahogany dining furniture, we use only the best foams, fillings and fabrics to ensure that any of our upholstered pieces will stand proud with exceptional quality. This is true also for all of our reproduction furniture lines.

We'll have photos of some of our luxury upholstered furniture, formal dining room furniture and traditional higher end furniture coming soon. Until then, we hope the combined sections of our furniture factory tour will help you realize that we take every part of our business seriously - right down to the upholstery you'll be sitting on as you pull up next to any of our beautiful mahogany dining tables.

Keep in mind, too, that because we have such a good handle on the entire the process from beginning to end we can make custom furniture if you need it.

For more interesting reading about high end furniture, especially mahogany dining room furniture, visit our 'Getting Technical' blog.