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What are your terms and conditions?

Are your tables solid mahogany?
Yes and No. We use mahogany solids for pedestals, chairs, cabinet frames, door panels and wherever possible. Our proprietary tables faces are made with high end furniture grade plywood and they are framed in mahogany solids for durability.  Most major manufacturers rely on high density MDF, which they feel is superior for a different set of reasons.  In our opinion, resinated plywood is best, it resists warping because the plys have alternating wood grain.  The material is also beneficial because it has true wood properties which is ideal for drilling and accepting misc. hardware. Both MDF and furniture grade plywood are stable materials which make great foundations for Veneers.  See our blog titled "An inside look at brand name furniture" for more on this topic.  Quality furniture grade plywood is shown in the picture on the right margin. We offer samples of this material which can be purchased via our sales line.  We do work with some high end furniture builders who offer custom solid mahogany tables, if you prefer ta solid table just let us know and we can point you in the right direction.
Why not build on solid wood?
Because resinated plywood and high density MDF are stable, it does not move with humidity changes as much as wood and it does not have a natural tendency to crack like solid wood.  Building tables on fine furniture grade plywood or MDF will greatly reduce the chances of checking, warping and or crazing.  Most major brand name furniture manufacturers explain this phenomenon and we post these explanations in our blog.

Do you buy used furniture or can you help with appraising my furniture?
We no longer purchase used furntiure from estates nor do we have appraisal services. Appraisal services are in our plans, but this service is not yet avaialble. 

Do you offer designer discounts for decorators?
We do have a designer program, it is best to call us to discuss this option as it involves our sister website FurnitureFish.com. 

Do you guarantee or warranty your furniture?  Yes. Each brand carries their own warranty ranging from 1-5 years.  Our grading system discusses the difference between each brand and the warranties offered.   

Is your furniture old?
No. Do not be confused by our tradename,  we offer high end traditional antique reproduction furniture but few antiques. AntiquePurveyor started out in the antiques business and evolved over time to become a new furniture dealer and eventually became a furniture designer, manufacturer and warehouse outlet. Visit our about us page to read more about how AntiquePurveyor found its name.

Where do you get your products?
The items on our website are mostly made by private furniture manufacturers and craftsmen according to our specific requirements for our client base, but we also carry major brands as well.  Visit our factory tour to see how our proprietary furniture is built. Occasionaly we get great value deals from major high end American manufacturers but the furniture will still get our own proprietary finish which we feel will hold up better than any other finish in the market.  We have a very specific formula for finishing tables which we believe is second to none. 

Do you have a showroom where we can see your furniture?
Our method of showing furniture really relies on the internet but you can visit our facility and view our furniture by appointment.  AntiquePurveyor does not have a typical showroom.   AntiquePurveyor's brick and mortar location consists of an office, a warehouse distribution center and film studio. Our tables are not set up as in a typical showroom, they are efficiently stored on horizontal bays . Our chairs are mostly boxed and are also stored on racks but we have samples on the floor for clients to view and try.  Recently, we have added functionality to our website which allows clients to build and save a wish list. It only take a few minutes to build a wish list and is well worth the time and effort.  Once you build a wish list, we can talk on the phone and discuss availability and viewing.
What are your hours?
We are open by appointment only M-F 10-6 for free consultations and showings.  Nights and weekends are possible, but again please call prior to visiting our location.

Where is your warehouse?
458 Danbury Rd. Unit C-1. New Milford, CT 06776

Do you ship? How do you ship?
Yes, we ship and our shipping successes have been monumental.  We can meet the shortest time lines with lightning speed and accuracy.  We also have a cost effective 5-7 week full service delivery which is most popular.  Our site has a shipping page which better explains shipping options and pricing. Shipping furniture link.

What happens if there is damage?
AntiquePurveyor.com will service the customer until 100% satisfied.   We prevent problems, thats how we fix them.    But you are never forced to accept furniture, our terms allow customers to refuse goods at time of delivery.  We are so confident about our product and shipping services, that we will even cover up to 1/2 the return shipping charges if you are not happy at point of delivery .  Now thats how to buy furniture online! 

Do you make custom tables or chairs?
Yes.  We offer custom built tables, many of which are fully American made. 

Do you have finish samples?
Not for all our models, but our pictures are extremely accurate.  We use a very high end camera which takes 3 photos with different light settings with every push of the button.  We then upload the photos to the computer and hand select which one gives the best representation. 

How do you maintain quality at such exceptional prices? We do not have retail space, which is the number one reason our prices are  lower than traditional furniture stores. Also, privately manufactured goods do not get minimum pricing requirements as brand name do.

Do you have references or a testimonials page?  Yes, in response to this common request we have built a testimonials page.