Getting Started

Designing Your Next Dining Room Starts Here

Here is a check list for your consideration.  You should review this list before commiting to buy furniture online.  This is also a great list that should be used before visiting our warehouse, or showroom.  Buy furniture online and get quality discount furniture from the comforts of your home. It all starts here.

1) Review our FAQ page. Most of the questions that we hear everyday are good questions and even if you do not have many questions, you still want to review our FAQ's. There are important facts on that page.   You should  be aware of everything on our FAQ's page before visiting our warehouse and/or before making your next investment.

2) Define your requirements. What must this next dining set achieve? Consider things like, place settings, periods and styles and storage solutions before you go any further. Build a list of  your "Must Haves". The shorter this list, the more choice you will have when shopping for your next dining table and chairs.  Some other requirement ideas you should think about would be as follows; cosmetics, maximize place settings, strengh or stability, storage, heirloom, quality v.s price points.   Prioritize these objectives and make life easier on yourself when shopping.

3) Layout your space. The only way you can design a new space, is to have the size laid out in front of you. Either on paper, or in your living space.  Tables and chairs can be very deceiving.  Most folks want a bigger table than there room allows.  Do not let that happen to you. You will need to consider the size of your room and use one of two tools to find the right size dining room table and the coorect number of chairs.
  • AntiquePurveyor's Online Room Planner- With this method, you can choose from existing dining room templates and fine tune the drawing to represent your room measurements. This method is very simple and it will only take you a few minutes to make a drawing of your existing space.  You can get to our free online room planner by visiting our free tools page, or by clicking here.   If you do not like computers, you can proceed with the next method.
  • News Paper Method- With this method, you use your existing space to lay down newspaper in the shape of different size tables. Than you can use real chairs, or cardboard squares to put ontop of the newspaper to find place settings and walking space around the table.  You can also lay out sideboard and china cabinets placement with newspaper.

4) Decide on colors and tones.  Here is where the fun starts.  You should be leaning in one of two directions here.  You can do rich colors or lighter colors. There is little inbetween.  Our free tools link will take you to a an Inspiration page , where you can browse a whole bunch of ideas. Also, be sure to see our testimonials page, where we also shows lots of different ideas shown in real homes.  This is an important step, because many times a customer will come to our store, and fall in love with a table that doesn't really achieve the big picture they were hoping for.  Many times, the prettiest table in our store, is not the best table for a client.  Try sorting out these ideas before visiting our store, this will keep you focused on the big picture.

5) Build and Save a Wish List. Have fun and put all of your favorite tables and chairs into a wish list.  AntiquePurveyor's wish list feature will save your your ideas for reviewing at later dates.  Your wish list  should be reviewed by AntiquePurveyor's customer service for availablilty updates and appropiateness discussions.  When you build a wish list on this site, it will be saved for when you return!  This is a very important step to take before you plan a visit to our warehouse because many of the items we mark available on the website, are at a different location.  The wish list feature was designed to prevent disspointing trips to our  wahouse, we strongly suggest you use it before visiting.