Traditional High End Mahogany China Cabinet, Hutch or Breakfront

Item# MZ 4 door

Fitted Drawers, Brown Mahogany Finish, Simple and Classical Hutch

Maitland Smith China cabinet 5731-102
High end brown mahogany 4 door breakfront
Traditional mahogany china cabinet
High End Traditional Mahogany China Cabinet Hutch
cabinet shown fully opened
Generous space for displaying china
Silverware drawers shown in cabinet
Silverware drawers are located inside the two main doors.
door keeper
Brass door keeper hold door snug in closed position
Maitland Smith China cabinet 5731-102 shown with opened doors
Lots of wide open storage space top and bottom
Mahogany grain closeup picture
Brown mahogany finish
silverware drawers
Inset silverware drawers were pulled out for better pictures. Felt lining included
Door pulls
Fine door pulls with intricate detailing
details along cabinet crown
Carved and lightly decorated crown with traditional scoop details
raised panels on front doors
Genuine raised panels and simple mahogany grain
Shown with lights turned up to higher settings.
Glass shelves allow light to reach the entire cabinet
door trim
Notice the door trim is built into the doors edging, not added as trim as on less expensive cabinet
door hinges
Inset door hinges
China cabinet with light kit
Dimmable lights with brass housing, adjustment knob shown on far right
Item#:  MZ 4 door
Price: $13,500
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Description: Fine mahogany china cabinet with 4 doors.  Finished in brown mahogany and a matte sheen, this antique reproduction hutch will coordinate nicely with any brown mahogany theme. The cabinet is simple enough to use as a large bookcase for the home office or place of business.  Inside the two opening doors you will find two silverware drawers.  Exceptional quality cabinet with dimmable lights and brass light housing.  The top of the cabinet has vents so your bulbs will run cool and last longer than average.  Glass shelves with cuts and grooves for holding china on display.  
Measurements: 82.0W x 20.0D x 85.0H
Condition: new
Price: $13,500
Lead Time: - 5-10 Weeks
MZ 4 door