Solid Mahogany Ball & Claw Chippendale Chairs

Item# WZ 1057 AC

18th Century styled dining chairs in Solid Mahogany

Solid Mahogany Ball & Claw Chippendale Chairs
Leighton Hall dining chairs
Mahogany Chippendale dining chairs
Solid mahogany Chippendale dining chairs
Standard white on white fabric comes with the chair with slip seats
Item#:  WZ 1057 AC
Arm Chair Price: $600  | Side Chair Price: $550
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Description: The above style chair, we call 18thcentury, is available from different regions.  It is my personal favorite Chippendale ball and claw chair.  We have a solid mahogany version from the Phillipines which is shown in the first three rows of thumbnails above and a kncoked down version from Vietnam which is shown in the last two pictures (darker brown).   Both versions offer spectacular quality and great price points. Please visit our straight leg chippendale chair link to see how these Vietnam chairs assemble.  

Condition: New chairs. Please see model 011 for the replacement chair for this style.
Arm Chair Price: $600
Side Chair Price: $550
Lead Time: - 3-6 Months
WZ 1057 AC