Fine Mahogany Chippendale Chairs for the Designer Home- Closed Back

Item# DR AC 757

Clean, Non Carved, Modern, New and Simple Chippendale Chairs

Fine Mahogany Chippendale Chairs for the Designer Home- Closed Back
Stocked in this fabric as standard fabric (FW)
Back side of Chippendale chair 4100-757
Back right hand corner of picture shows this model chair with taupe flax weave fabric
Thedore Alexander Chippendale Chairs Model 4100-757 and 4000-757
Mahogany Chippendale Dining Chairs with Leather and Brass Nail Trim
Thedore Alexander Chippendale Chairs
Open back chairs are sold under a different sku, please see related products.
Theodore Alexander 4100-757
Notice the open back chairs in background for coordinating with these chairs
Item#:  DR AC 757
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Description: Chippendale mahogany dining chairs with  upholstered backs. These chairs are by far the most stylish Chippendale chairs we have seen.  We show them with an upgraded leather option.  They are elegant, modern and built extremely well by a reputable manufacturer. Quality leather material is available as shown on the in-backs and out-backs.  Leather option includes antique brass nail trim.   We also show this chair with a traditional open back with mahogany splats, but this ad is for closed back chairs only.  They will coordinate nicely with the mahogany back or open back chairs but you will purchase those from a different sku. See related products.   These closed back Chippendale chairs can also be ordered with fabric seats.
Please keep in mind this chair is a regular stocking item in the FW fabric, which is a durable taupe color, neutral fabric.  The two Chippendale chairs seen in the far back right hand corner of the big picture are shown in this fabric.  Leather option will take 6 months and cost more.
Measurements: W 22 x D 24 x H 40 Side chair
W 25 x D 24 x H 40 Arm chair

Condition: new
Lead Time: - Sold out
DR AC 757