Straight Leg Chippendale Dining Chairs with Fluted Legs

Item# WZ 58 AC

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Mahogany Chippendale Chairs LH-1058 AC
Item#:  WZ 58 AC
Arm Chair Price: $495  | Side Chair Price: $495
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Description: Straight leg Chippendale dining room chairs. We are selling these chairs by the piece so you can make a set however it best suites you. These chairs are very heavy and they are strong frames.  This style leg is called a Marlboro leg. It is a fluted straight leg with a wide foot. These chairs are heavy. The arm chair weighs 21 pounds, that is very heavy for a mahogany chair.  This chair is somewhat simpler than the average Chippendale chair. I brought this chair to market in the past and they usually sell before I have a chance to publish them online. This chair is solid mahogany and it has a brown mahogany finish and they will match all of our American made tables. Bid with confidence, these chairs are made by a prominent factory which builds for major name brands.  We are fortunate to bring you this chair as this factory is very busy building for larger contracts. The seats come with a muslin fabric, which is meant to accept fancier fabric on top.  The seats are slip cushions and they can be removed with 4 screws. This chair is very comfortable. It has a wide and deep seat. The last picture, on the right side shows the same style chair from our Vietnam factory which come KD in a box.  Generally speaking, KD chairs will be 1/2 the price of solid mahogany by the time your done shipping.
Measurements: 21"Long x 19" Wide x 40" High
Condition: new
Arm Chair Price: $495
Side Chair Price: $495
Lead Time: - 3-6 Months
WZ 58 AC