Solid Walnut Leather Upholstered Regency Style Dining Chairs

Item# EZ JC

Tough Leather, Quality Craftsmanship, Brass Nail Trim, Heavy

Sarreid 60-29 Jupe Chairs
Solid walnut and leather upholstered dining chairs with brass tacks
Sarreid 60-29 Jupe Chairs
Solid walnut and leather chairs
Large lot of chairs being inspected before shipping to government project
Encore Sarreid leather upholstered chairs
Great chair for casual round dining tables or coutnry decor
Encore Sarreid solid walnut chairs
Back of chairs
Encore Sarreid leather upholstered chair
Side profile
Encore Sarreid 60-29 chairs
Gorgeous walnut grain
Encore Sarreid 60-29 chairs
Scroll crest, brass nail trimmed leather
Sarreid upholstered leather chairs
Comfortable scoped back
Encore Sarreid 60-29
Country turned legs for casual spaces
Sarreid Encore leather chairs
Tightly upholstered leather dining chairs
Item#:  EZ JC
Price: $950
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Description: Solid walnut dining chairs with leather upholstered seats, in-backs and out-backs.  I am not sure how much more quality you can pack into a chair. These luxury upholstered dining chairs are very heavy and significant. The seats are tough and firm, yet comfortable.  Solid walnut material finished in a medium caramel brown color which coordinates nicely with mahogany and our newer expandable round dining tables.  Antique style brass nails trim the durable leather on this chair with a great eye for detail.  The backs on these solid walnut dining chairs are about 39 inches tall, which make them a bit more casual than most formal upholstered back dining chairs which are taller.  Great country chairs, western them chairs, casual or rustic theme dining chairs.  These luxury upholstered dining chairs would sell in showrooms for $800 or $900 per chair with no room for price improvements and that should give you an idea of what to expect. 
Measurements: 21"wide x 27"deep x 39"h
Condition: new
Price: $950
Lead Time: - 5-10 Weeks