Transitional Saber Leg Solid Mahogany Dining Room Chairs

Item# CFC 86 AC

Modern, Soft, High End, Bullet Proof, Engineered Fabric

Transitional Saber Leg Solid Mahogany Dining Room Chairs
fabric samples
Straw fabric color shown here
upholstered dining chairs and jupe table
Transitional mahogany dining room chairs shown with saber leg jupe table
Mahogany dining room chairs
Transitional mahogany dining room chairs
transitional mahogany dining chairs
Transitional solid mahogany upholstered dining chairs
Item#:  CFC 86 AC
Arm Chair Price: $875  | Side Chair Price: $775
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Description: Transitional solid mahogany sleigh back dining room chairs. These chairs are full size, fully upholstered dining room chairs for a traditional or transitional dining room. They have saber legs, scrolled back and slender transitional ears.  These chairs are very comfortable. This chair has been with our store for many years, but it has gone through three revisions to get the perfect scoped back rest and a deep comfortable seat.  This is a fabulous chair.  It is our best selling upholstered dining chair which is worth the wait even if backordered.  Chairs are shown on this product page in the original white on white pin stripe, but we will be adding more pictures of these chairs soon which will show the new engineered fabric. Engineered fabrics can not be stained, they are virtually bullet proof chairs.  They are not treated with scotch guard  which needs to be repeated over time.  This upholstery is heat treated with a atented processes and the stain proof  properties can not be undone.  We found permanent markers are the only exception to the chairs resilience to staining.  
Measurements: 42 inches High, 22 inches wide, 17 Deep
Arms are slightly wider, @ 23"
Condition: new
Arm Chair Price: $875
Side Chair Price: $775
Lead Time: - 5-10 Weeks