Extra Large Mahogany Dining Room Table Seats 14-16 people

Item# WZ 4

American Made Table Top on Custom Imported Regency Style Pedestals

High quality extra large, extra wide mahogany table
Extra large mahogany table with fine banding and Regency Style pedestal base.
Top view
Table top view
Shown opened with all three leaves
Warm lighting shown here
Extra dark walnut
Extra dark walnut finish shown here
Table shown in true color
Shown with no leaves in place, true color
Three leaves included
Three included leaves allow for seating 14-16 people and opens table to 13 feet
Regency pedestals
Regency pedestals
Extra dark walnut finish
Extra dark walnut finish
paw feet
Paw feet, front and side profile
extra dark walnut finish
All the pictures above this one show extra dark walnut finish
gold leaf accented Regency style pedestal
Pedestal can be ordered with or without gold leaf accents
satinwood inlaid mahogany dining table
Precision cut inlays
Table with no leaf
Shown with no leaves in place, color not accurate
closeup picture of satinwood inlay
Macro picture of satinwood inlay
Table seats 14-16 persons
Regency style table shown with all three leaves, seats 14-16 people
Fine mahogany finished table with banding
Fine antique reproduction mahogany table accented with gold leaf. Seats 12-14 people.
Satinwood inlaid
D Shape end with soft turning corners
Regency style pedestals
Gold leaf accented Regency style pedestals
natural mahogany finish
Shown in our natural mahogany finish
Original Natchez
Henredon Natchez Dining Table Shown Here in this Picture. Extra Veneer Seem on the Natchez.
Standard finish
Table top shown with our natural or standard finish
apron and reeded edge
Reeded edge and apron
Henredon 9400-20B
Another version of this style table is coming soon
Dark walnut finished dining table
Custom finished dining table in extra dark walnut color for client order
2 matching dining tables
Matching tables custom finished for overseas client. See forground and background tables.
Custom American made dining table with extra dark walnut finish and glossy sheen
Pictured for clients approval
clients custom finished American made dining table
Pictured for clients review and approval
dark walnut dining table with formal polished finish
Extra dark walnut finished table for client
Item#:  WZ 4
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Description: American made dining table on custom birdcage pedestals. Very sought out model mahogany dining table similar in appearance and quality of a Henredon Natchez dining table. This table has similar bandings and a similar field to that of the Henredon Natchez, but there are some slight differences and some big differences between the two.  Our version of this table has three leaves, whereas the original table has 2 leaves.  This table will seat 14-16 people, the original Natchez comes with 2 leaves and seats12-14 people.  Another difference between the Natchez and our own model, is the Henredon Natchez dining table has a slip matched and book matched field, whereas our table only has a  slip match.  This makes our version of the table a little less busy in the field.  We show a Henredon Natchez dining table in this ad, just so you can see the difference.
This is an American made dining table on an imported Duncan Phyfe birdcage pedestals which are finished to match the table. Gold leaf accents are available.   This table can be used from 7 feet to13 feet in 2 foot increments.  You get three 24" leaves with this table. It is a 50" wide mahogany dining room table.  It is a moderate size table which will achieve bold dining room theme. Table has a traditional finish just like any high end furniture manufacturer or brand would offer. It has a nitro celluose finish which is buffed to shine and catch light like glass.
Measurements: (7 foot, 9 foot, 11 foot and 13 foot dining table)
84" Long x 50" Wide x 30" High
Three leaves at 24" each
Condition: Very clean and new finish.
May show some age lines
Lead Time: - Sold out
WZ 4