Formal Luxurious Brass Accented Dining Table with Self Storing Leaf

Item# DR 79 39 NAR

Narrow Design, Self Storing Leaf, Brass Mountings, Fine Hepplewhite Styling

Theodore Alexander 5405-266
Small Hepplewhite Style High End Mahogany Dining Table with Self Storing Leaf
Small luxurious dining table
Small Luxurious Mahogany Dining Table with Self Storing Leaf
brass and mahogany platform base
Brass mountings as fine as jewelry
Theodore Alexander 5405-266
Brilliant and skillful slip matched swirl mahogany field
mahogany dining table with self storing leaf
Leaf lays beneath the table when not in use.
small mahogany dining table
Small mahogany dining table
Antique reproduction table with brass mountings and intricate inays
Luxurious mahogany dining table with intricately inlaid border and base
Brass Duncan Phyfe foot caps
To achieve brass details like this, a wax mold is hand carved and it gets used once.
flame mahogany table apron
Traditional flame mahogany apron
Theodore Alexander 5405-266 Kirkham Dining Table
Small and narrow design suited for smaller spaces
Duncan Phyfe pedestal with brass casters
Duncan Phyfe pedestal leg with handmade brass casters
Small Hepplewhite style mahogany dining table
Hepplewhite style inlays border this table as shown here
luxurious brass details
Fine brass mountings on pedestal and column details shown here
Hepplewhite style inlays
Satinwood and rosewood banded border
small traditional mahogany breakfast table
This table has a self storing leaf, this picture shows table in its smallest configurtaion
brass capped Hepplewhite style feet
Brass capped feet made by traditional lost wax techniques
Item#:  DR 79 39 NAR
Price: $6,500
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Luxurious mahogany dining table with a self-storing leaf Hepplewhite style inlays of satinwood and rosewood. The platform base is remarkably sturdy and it features outswept legs capped with factory brass fittings.  All of the brass hardware is made by 18th-century methods and with wax molds for crisp and detailed results.  Each wax mold is carved and can only be used once.  Fine pinstripe inlays decorate each leg with white and black lines.  This small mahogany dining table is great for a large library, large office, or a small metropolitan dining room.  We call this our NYC table. A hard to find size table with simplistic but detailed craftsmanship.  The shape of this small mahogany dining table is brilliant because it allows for easy walking around the table even when opened.
This small mahogany dining table has an 18-inch self-storing leaf that rests under the tabletop when it is not being used.  Everything locks into place and it is a very sturdy platform table.  A beautiful finely made antique reproduction for a luxurious space.

Measurements: L 61 x D 39½ x H 30
Closed 61 long and with one 18 inch leaf table opens to 79 inches long
Condition: new
Price: $6,500
Lead Time: - 5-10 Weeks
DR 79 39 NAR