64-84 Round Solid Oak Dining Room Table with Hidden Leaves

Item# EZ 64 84 OAK

Only 2 Tables Available, Discontinued Model, Close Out Sale Price

64-84 Solid oak jupe table
Fully opened, this solid oak table with self storing leaves seats 8.
Rustic, solid oak jupe table
Finely engineered expandable oak table with self storing leaves.
Item#:  EZ 64 84 OAK
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Description: Spectacular and hard to find solid oak 64-84 round to round dining table with country style pedestal.  This table is a discontiued model and the oak versions of this table will no longer be available. We closed out this item and got a great deal on the last couple of tables from the manufacturer.  Very easy to operated this table, you can put the leaves in and out by yourself. Some of the slides are sticky, but it is still an easy job to open and close.  We show a few pictures of how this works, it is very easy and it only takes a few pictures to illustrate its operation.  Leaves have quality recessed hinges that allow the leaves to fold in half for easy stowing and storage.  Heavy and dense dining table with incredible value.  Table can be used with many style chairs. Our favorite choice has been filmed with the table and shown in the picture gallery.  It makes a great table and chair set.
Measurements: 64-84 round and 30 high
Condition: new
Lead Time: - Sold out
EZ 64 84 OAK