68-90 Round Mahogany Dining Table with Leaves Seats 8 - 10 People

Item# DR 68 90 JP

Lockable Felt Lined Leaf Storage Cabinet Included

Theodore Alexander RE99004 Jupe Patent Table shown at 84 inches
84 inch Round mahogany dining table with 8 leaves in place
Theodore Alexander RE99004 Jupe Patent Table
Shown in a 60 inch configuration
Leaf numbers
Brass Roman numerals are stamped on each leaf
Large mahogany jupe table for sale
Extra large round to round expandable mahogany dining table
Jupe table slides
Table slides on brass track for less sear and tear on parts
Center of jupe table with brass fittings
Table will have a round medallion in center whether opened or closed
Jupe table leaf storage
One unlocked, this lid opens for access to leaves
Jupe table leaves
Numbered leaves for easy assembly
Leaf storage box
Locking storage box for 8 leaves
Theodore Alexander RE99004 Jupe Patent Table
We show a video which illustrates how this action works
Brass jupe mechanism for dining table with leaves
Patented brass mechanism for opening and closing action
Theodore Alexander Jupe Table for Sale
Sturdy turned column base and wide apron
radial table
Numbers are stamped on table to match leaf numbers
Jupe table mechanism
Mechanisms shown while table is opened
Theodore Alexander Table Leaves
The tips of each leaf is reinforced with forged brass
Jupe table brass hardware
This brass table edge will not ding or crack over time and holds leaf flat
Item#:  DR 68 90 JP
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Description: Magnificant and brilliantly designed 18th century round mahogany reproduction dining table expands 60 to 84 inches and seats 8 to 10 people.  This style table is also known as a radial table. It features brass hardware and a heavy turned column style base. This is a very sturdy table. The leaves come with a locking storage box. Each leaf is numbered 1-8 with roman style characters on a brass plate. Opening and closing this table is very easy. The table extends outward while you turn it clockwise and it becomes smaller when you turn it counter clockwise.  The table is made from mahogany solids and fancier swirl and crotch  mahogany Veneers.  Top is banded with a rosewood inlay and fine satinwood pinstripes.  This table was cafefully designed.  Most of the moving parts and areas of the table which are most sensitive to being worn over time have been forged from bass to resist wear and tear from ordinary usage.  We show most of these brass parts in pictures and captions within this ad.  Feet are capped with brass hardware as well.

Measurements: 68 inches to 90 inches with 8 leaves
Condition: new, will not have original box, opened and inspected at studio before shipping, minor builder imperfections,no damage.
Lead Time: - Sold out
DR 68 90 JP