Expandable Leather Top Writing Desk with Gold Tooling and Castors

Item# DR 43 80

Regency style with Tapered legs, High-End

Expandable cerejeira writing desk with tapered legs and distressed finish.
Versatile leather top desk, expands from 43-79 inches wide with pull out extensions.
Antique reproduction writers desk with side extensions.  Expands from 43 -79 inches.
Regency style expandable writers desk with distressed finish.
Mahogany wooden desk
Good representation of desk color in a well lit room
Theodore wrting desk
Desk fully opened in bright lighting
In the closed position
expandable writing desk
Desk fully expanded open
high end desk
Dim lighting on desk
leather top writing desk
Closeup of the hand-tooling in the leather
Theodore alexander 7105 desk
Showing desk side drawers opened while desk is closed
Item#:  DR 43 80
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Description: What an amazing expandable leather top writing desk.  Constructed of cerejeira mahogany you can really see the life and beauty of the wood.  This is a Regency style desk with tapering legs that come down to a nice solid castor.  The leather has great hand-tooled details really adding the final touch.  And talk about versatile!  This desk starts at 43 inches wide, but because it has the ability to expand by over 18 on either side it can open up to 80 inches wide.  Thats the size of some of our larger executive desks.  This would be the perfect desk for someone with a slightly smaller high end office that still needs the appility to spread out when they need to.  The main drawers are faux as this is where the extensions are stored, but each extension does carry its own drawer as shown in the pictures.  A bit of factory distressing really adds to the regency styling making this a great antique reporduction desk.
Measurements: 43 inch wide
25 inch deep
30 inch tall
25.5 knee hole
18.5 inch each extension
Condition: New
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DR 43 80