Outdoor Flip Top Table, Dining Table or Hunt Table.


Louro Pretto Wood with Proprietary Maintenance-free Coated Finish

Outdoor Flip Top Table, Dining Table or Hunt Table.
Gray outdoor hunt table or flip top table
Item#:  TN JCO FTT
Price: $1,975
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Description: Outdoor hunt table or flip top table. This table is made from Louro Pretto wood and it has a proprietary coated finish which closely resembles grey teak.  This table is made by a furniture manufacturer with an eye for detail, so the craftsmanship is over-the-top for outdoor furniture.  Well made, heavy table which can be used as a sideboard or hunt table alongside a party and open the table for full dining area.  This entire line of outdoor furniture is brand new, so inventory is light and lead-times are long but we do have one table in stock right now.  
Measurements: 86 ½ x 19 ¾ x 31 ½ inches
Apron height: 29 ½ inches
Bottom height: 4 inches
Leaf size: 9 ¾
Width open 1 leaf: 29 ½ inches
Width open 2 leaves: 39 ½ inches
Condition: new
Price: $1,975
Lead Time: - In-Stock