Instructions / Assembly Extra Large Dining Table 200" Duncan Phyfe Dining Room Table Assembly Instructions
 Posted By: Donald Timpanaro
 Posted On: Sep 9 2011 11:56AM Presents      :                                                                                                                          

“200 inch Sectional Table Assembly Instructions”

Often the most important but underappreciated  parts of the purchasing process of a high end dining room table is the final construction of the desired table. If you have just purchased your antique mahogany dining table or a newer reproduction furniture, then there may be a chance that you will be responsible for putting it together. Don’t be nervous, there is a great process that AntiquePurveyor has learned over our 10+ years in business. If you follow our easy instructions, than you will be able to build your favorite formal dining room furniture with no problems at all.
Step 1.
Find a Friend: This may sound easier than you might think, but not everyone has willing and able friends and family. You need at least one other person, preferably two in order to ensure a safe working environment. Once you have rounded up any and all available friends or family you are ready for the installation.
Step 2.
Setup a clean and clear work area that you can work safely in. Most likely this space will be the room in which the actual table is going into. It should be clean of debris and dirt, and should be clear of other furniture or obstacles.
Step 3.
Open or unwrap your Duncan Phyfe, Victorian, or Federal style table and place upside down on a soft non-scratching surface. Unwrap your pedestals and lay out your hardware with proper tools. All formal dining room furniture that is made to be assembled is marked with corresponding letters or numbers so you know which piece goes where.
Step 4.
Place the appropriate pedestal in the pedestal table slot and insert screws or bolts with washers and other necessary hardware. Wiggle and move pedestal as needed so the screws can hand tighten close to the wood before a non-power tool is needed. Be careful not to cross thread bolts. Bolts are threaded and tested before shipped out. All 4 bolts per pedestal should be hand tightened and aligned properly before final tightening is done. Do not over tighten, snug is good enough.
Step 5.
Repeat process on second pedestal and corner. Now with the help of one or two people, turn over table so it is upright and waiting for the 2 leaves or 3 leaves. As the table is now upright, put in the rest of the mahogany leaves and clean up the room and polish your table.
Step 6.
Let’s Eat! The table is made, and all that’s left is for you to invite people over and use it.
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