Do you deliver? Yes!

Delivery day, yay! This is the fun stuff.  We deliver worldwide and we deliver with our own people whenever possible but most of our shipments go MUCH further than we can go on our own so we have dedicated shipping partners to help us reach every city on Earth.  The pictures below show a local delivery in Mendham, NJ that Gary (our store manager) and myself did together. This large round expandable table is called a Jupe table and it went into a historic home called 'Brookrace' which is an expansive estate in Northern New Jersey.  This was an extra-large walnut Jupe table for seating 10 to 12 people and it went in a dinette adjacent to a kitchen.


Home delivery of an extra large Sarreid Jupe table

Jupe table for seating 10 and 12 people


Do you ship internationally?  Yes!

We ship anywhere, we have success stories so far from home that if we shipped any further the furniture would be either coming home or heading into space!  We've gone to Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Bermuda,UK and we've never denied a client requesting service anywhere in the world.  We've even delivered to Kuwait with full service!  We love the challenge of a long-distance delivery and nothing is more gratifying than hearing from our customers after they get their furniture so please send us pictures of your beautiful home and share your story with us.

This is a client photo and a mobile screenshot of a testimonial we got from a project site in Italy. On a delivery like this where we can't be there, we really appreciate when a client sends in photos and or a testimonial like this one. Thank you Steve.

Steven F. Mayer
Chairman and CEO
Iron Horse Acquisition Corp.

Theodore Alexander dining table delivered in an Italian Villa   Large dining room testimonial