Can I seat 12 ?  Yes!

If you have 16 foot dining room you should be able to seat 12 people with a 10 foot table.  The maximum number of people you can fit in your dining room is a function of the size of your space and most people try to maximize their place settings so we’ve developed a basic formula and a quick reference chart to help answer that question. Here is an average size dining room shown with a dining room table and chair set we delivered in Massachusets.  This table is shown with 12 chairs but you can add another leaf and seat 14 people at this table if needed.

extendable dining table seating 12 persons in a traditional dining room 

For long rectangular rooms, use this method of calculating maximum place settings

The formula for finding maximum place settings for a rectangular-shaped dining room with plans for a long rectangular dining table is as follows;

(room length inches - 72) / 10

This quick formula is especially useful for larger projects so lets assume you have a large dining area which is 20 foot in length.  If your room length is 20 feet you can seat 16 to 18 people and here's the math: (240"-72")/10 = 16.8 place settings.  Most people would call that 16 to 18.  Keep in mind; the numerator in this equation would be the biggest size table you can put in the room so in this case, the room can handle a 168 inch dining table or a 14 foot dining table.  We offer standard size dining room tables and we carry chairs to match. Our inventory has hard-to-find sizes like 14-footers, 16-footers and large round tables.  If your project calls for a custom mahogany dining table we can do that as well.  hint: If you search "USA" in our products search bar you'll see some of our custom tables.   We've done tables up to 24 feet long which can seat upwards of 28 and 30 people!

For a square room, use the following chart

For a square room with plans for a round dining room table use the chart below to find maximum place settings. Just keep in mind that in all of these calculations we are pushing the limits of your space for family gatherings and we are only allowing 3 feet of clearance around all sides of the table.  To allow yourself more walking-space for an everyday scenario then you might want to get a smaller size table with leaves that expand and offer the maximum sizes as outlined below.

Room Size Max Table Size Place Settings
10' x 10' 48" round 2
10'6" x 10'6" 54" round 4
11' x 11' 60" round 6
12' x 12' 72" round 8
13' x 13' 84" round 10
14' x 14' 96"-100" round 12