Bow Front China | High End China Cabinet | Mahogany Display Case

Item# WZ Bow China

Lighted Interior, individually paned windows, solid well made cabinet

Bow Front China | High End China Cabinet | Mahogany Display Case
Mahogany bow front china cabinet
High end bow front mahogany china cabinet or curio cabinet
bow front china
Mahogany bow front china cabinet
antique reproduction mahogany bow front
Fine Mahogany Bow Front China Cabinet with Light Display
Item#:  WZ Bow China
Price: $5,500
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Description: Mahogany bowfront china. Quality higher end mahogany china cabinet with flame mahogany door panels and individualy paneled windows. Solid and heavy china cabinet. This is a new antique reproduction which was manufactured to English standards.  The bottom two doors are curved to match the bow front window display.  Bottom storage has a shelf. This display case has glass shelves which let the light pass through with little interferance. Glass shelves can be used  in multiple positions and they are held in place by beautiful padded brass pins.  Crown is decorated with a simple dental molding. A flame mahogany decorated formal china cabinet on plynth style base.
Measurements: Height: 88 in., Width: 67 in., Depth: 17 in.
Condition: new
Price: $5,500
Lead Time: - In-Stock
WZ Bow China