High End Mahogany Corner China Cabinet Cabinet with Light Kit


Glass Shelves with Mahogany Reeded Edge Trim~ A Must See Cabinet

High End Mahogany Corner China Cabinet Cabinet with Light Kit
Mahogany corner china cabinet
High end antique reproduction corner china cabinet curio or hutch
high end antique reproduction mahogany corner cabinet
Traditional Hepplewhite style reproduction mahogany corner cabinet
Water damage on back of cabinet
We have only 1 damaged cabinet for sale at the discounted price
High end traditional and formal mahogany corner cabinet
High end flame mahogany corner cabinet for the traditional dining room
glass shelves for a corner cabinet
Front view of reeded edge which covers the glass shelves
glass shelves with wood edge
Here is what the outside edge of your glass shelves will look like with a reeded edge
Flame mahogany door panel on a Hepplewhite corner cabinet
Flame mahogany door panel
hardware pictures
Traditional hardware
Hepplewhite corner cabinet
Shelf is laying on bottom of cabinet, it has 3 settings
edging on glass shelves
Back side view of routered trim to fit over the glass shelf edge
Mahogany corner cabinet curio or hutch
Rosewood banding flame mahogany door panels
light kit
Light kit and brass housing
Glass panels
Individual glass pane windows
Item#:  WZ CORN
Price: $5,750
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Description: High end corner cabinet or corner curio.  A traditional corner hutch for the formal dining room.  Flame mahogany door panels and trim. Oval inlays on front door panels. This cabinet has unusual and well thought out glass shelves which you may never see again. The glass shelves have a routered mahogany reeded edge so when you look through the cabinet you see a clean wood edge, rather than looking through the glass edge which is green and unsightly.  Very tight and well made cabinet from an English cabinet maker who has recently moved his plant to the Philippines.  This is an over the top quality cabinet which would sell for much more money in a fancy showroom. This is an exclusive cabinet which you will not find in the general furniture market.  .  The top right hinge has a touch light switch with 4 settings; off, accent, energy saver and full light.  Fully adjustable shelves on top and bottom with high end brass inserts and pegs with rubber feet.  It is a great all around Hellplewhite or antique style corner cabinet for any higher end traditional home
Measurements: 88 inches tall
Clearance needed from back corner of room to side wall, 27.5"
Front door panels are 35 in wide
Total width 40.5 inches(Left to Right)
Depth from back flat corner to fron
Condition: new
Price: $5,750
Lead Time: - 5-10 Weeks