High End Demilune Chest/Cabinet in Warm Brown Mahogany Finish

Item# WZ BM Demi

Very high end cabinet compares to cabinets two times the price.

Full Shot showing Ribbon Banding and Swirl Mahogany Design
Full Shot showing Ribbon Banding and Swirl Mahogany Design
Door hinges
High end craftsmanship exemplified in high end furniture
Inside Construction of mahogany demilune cabinet
Mahogany demilune cabinet shelf design
Fine demilune console shown in our new showroom
High end demilune chest with ribbon mahogany banding
Inside craftsmanship door clips
Banded demilune accent table door clip detail
Shelf pins and shelf design on demilune side table
Fine demilune console shelf pins and shelf design
Full Range view of demilune
High end demilune 2 door console
Banded doors with choice inlaid mahogany veneers
Fine Craftsmanship shown in hinge construction on demilune chest
straight grain and ribbon mahogany detail
Inlaid ribbon mahogany in Demilune door fronts
Complete top to show quality design
straight grain mahogany top in warm brown finish
Straight grain mahogany demilune top
Ribbon mahogany banding with satinwood around straight grain mahogany
detail on fine demilune console
Oval swirl mahogany with ribbon and rosewood inlaid banding on demilune door fronts
Demilune mahogany top
Demilune with select ribbon mahogany and straight grain veneers
High End Demilune cabinet
3/4 view of High End Demilune chest
Mahogany demilune cabinet
Demilune accent table with two doors
Item#:  WZ BM Demi
Price: $3,250
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Impressive high end demilune chest cabinet.  This is a Philippine mahogany cabinet and it the best new quality money can buy.  Finish is deep golden brown mahogany.  Table stands on short Hepplewhite spade foot legs.  Circular door fronts open and close smoothly and the overall craftsmanship on this cabinet is awesome.  Hinges are neatly set back and are well disguised in the detail moldings.  Cabinet has a 40 sheen glossy finish, which is not overly shiney, but it does have some shine.
Cabinet is made from mahogany and it is a very heavy and dense cabinet. Our site has been looking for a quality demilune for about 5 years and this cabinet has been a long process. Quality demilunes are usually two times this price. We only have 2 cabinets, one of which may be sold already. 


Measurements: 45.25" Length x 21" Depth x 36" Height
Condition: New first quality cabinet, never been in house yet.
Price: $3,250
Lead Time: - 5-10 Weeks
WZ BM Demi