Transitional Saber Leg Solid Mahogany Dining Room Chairs

Item# CFC 86 AC

Modern, Soft, High End, Bullet Proof, Engineered Fabric

Mahogany dining chairs
Mahogany dining room chairs with Crypton Nomad Snow performance fabric
AP Exclusives CFC 86
Solid Mahogany Upholstered Dining Room Chairs with Performance Fabric by Crypton
Mahogany dining chairs
Mahogany dining room chairs shown with dark walnut finished table
Mahogany arm chair
Arm chair
mahogany dining room suite
Chairs shown around a 60-inch round to oval dining table
back view
Back view
Mahogany dining room chairs
Mahogany dining room chairs
side profile
Side profile
Nomad Snow by Crypton
Nomad Snow fabric, true color shown here
Arm details
Arm chair details
Crypton Nomad Snow
Bone color fabric with darker brown threads
Upholstered dining chairs
Upholstered chairs shown around a large round dining table
Snow fabric
Crypton Nomad Snow Fabric Close Up
Item#:  CFC 86 AC
Arm Chair Price: $875  | Side Chair Price: $775
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Transitional solid mahogany sleigh back dining room chairs. These chairs are full-size, fully upholstered dining room chairs for a traditional or transitional dining room. They have saber legs, and a scrolled back.  These chairs are very comfortable.  The chairs shown on this product page are upholstered in an engineered or performance fabric called Nomad Snow and they are virtually stainproof.  We have done torture tests ( shown on our YouTube channel ) with tomato sauce and chocolate and they cleaned up perfectly with some soap and water.  This fabric is a great choice for an active family or commercial space but it is also very soft to the touch.   The protective fabric is heat treated and the stain-proof properties do not need to be renewed with time.  Permanent markers are the only exception to the chair's resilience to staining.  The chair frames are finished in a rich dark brown color and have a 40% sheen, which will coordinate well with all of our mahogany dining tables.

Measurements: 42 inches High, 22 inches wide, 17 Deep
Arms are slightly wider, @ 23"
(Outside furthest Width is 23.5 to outside of arms)
Condition: new
Arm Chair Price: $875
Side Chair Price: $775
Lead Time: - In-Stock