Custom American Made Mahogany Dining Table

Item# WZ 8 16 USA

8 to 16 foot Extension table for seating up to 18 people

Extra large mahogany dining table
Large mahogany dining table seats 10 to 14 people
Custom American made 16 foot dining table seats 18 to 20 people
Custom American made Duncan Phyfe 8 to 16 foot mahogany dining table
Item#:  WZ 8 16 USA
Price: $22,000
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Description: This is a custom American made Duncan Phyfe mahogany dining room table designed to be used from 8 to 16 feet, and can seat 20 people. It has two oversized 4 foot leaves and birdcage pedestals on outswept legs.  The extension slides were designed to be on the outer edges of the table so when they are supported with drop down legs, they will prevent sag AND twisting.  The table is super sturdy and strong. This table top was made in the USA, bench made and finished with a proven nitrocelluose system. This 16 foot dining table is finished with a razor thin lacquer top coat which is perfectly clear and captures the light.
The field of the table is decorated with  flame mahogany.  We added a 1/16 inch black white separator inlay about 2.5" from the outside edge, which will separate the field from a slightly offset colored outside banding.

Measurements: 8 to 16 feet with four 24" leaves
Condition: new
Price: $22,000
Lead Time: - 5-10 Weeks
WZ 8 16 USA