Large & Wide Rapid Expanding Dining Table w Self Storing Leaves

Item# WZ 8 14 SSL USA

New Rich Extra Dark Walnut and Mahogany Finish, Padded Leaf Box

expandable mahogany pedestal dining table
This dining table was designed to be used with with leaf most the time and two leaves stowed away.
American made banquet table opens from 8 to 14 feet and seats 16 people
Extra large and wide expandable mahogany pedestal table~self storing leaves
self storing leaves
The table slides have cables so they are timed to open together, no need to lift the base to open
self storing leaves
Leaf box is lined with a soft material.
8 to 14 foot extra large mahogany pedestal table
This dining table was designed to be in this configuration most of the time, or 10 feet long
expandable mahogany pedestal table
Expandable to 14 feet as shown here with three leaves.
self storing leaves
Two leaves shown stowed away in leaf box on soft padded bottom
two-tone dark walnut finish
One minimalistic white-black separator inlay with an offset lighter color border
self storing leaves
Leaf box hold two leaves. First leaf stores face down, second leaf face up
Traditional mahogany dining table made in USA
Expandable mahogany dining table on platform pedestal shown here with 2 of 3 leaves in place
Item#:  WZ 8 14 SSL USA
Price: $14,000
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Description: Customizable American made mahogany dining room table.  We call this a rapid expansion table because you don't need to lift the table to add leaves, the slides have cables so they are timed to open evenly and your extensions are stored under the table.  If you need to open and close your table often, this design should be a strong consideration. 
This table can be used from 8 feet long to 14 feet long with the use of three extensions.  In its largest configuration, you will use the simple drop down legs to support the ends.  You won't need the support  legs unless you have the table fully extended. This mahogany pedestal table will seat 8 to 16 people.
We recognize the fact that most folks who have the room for a big table like this always want one of the three leaves in place all the time, so rather than designing storage for three leaves  we opted for a slicker leaf box to hold just two. 

This table is different. Here is a bulleted list which summarizes this table's unqiue design. 
  • 54 inches wide Most tables in the market place are around 44 to 48 inches wide. This table is signicantly wider which helps you seat more than one person on the end of the table
  • Self Storing Leaves Large banquet tables like this one rarely offer the ability to store leaves within the table.  We designed this table to store two of the three leaves under the table.
  • Single platform pedestal  A single platform pedestal has a few advantages.  First, you don't need to lift the weight of a pedestal when expanding or contracting the table. The platform pedestal will be centered in your room and there is no need to move the pedestal.  The two table ends will open evenly away from the center of the room as it opens and closes.  The single platform pedestal is also beneficial because is offers the needed structure for leaf storage.
  • Extra dark finish We have seen a shift in demand for darker, less red and rich walnut finishes which is exactly how this table was finished. This table has a rich (dark) walnut color, but we can also do a light mahogany or ,medium walnut.
Measurements: 54in wide, expandable from 8 to 14 feet, 30inches high
Condition: new
Price: $14,000
Lead Time: - 3-6 Months